Hanging Sign Hardware Parts

Hanging sign hardware comes in many sizes, shapes, materials and methods that it is difficult sometimes to decide which one to use. Keep in mind the purpose remains the same; to secure the hanging sign on one end and a fixed object on the other in order to hang the sign for display.

Clips and T-bars

Clips and T-bar hooks are spring or tension loaded and enables you to fasten to cross supports in hanging ceilings. Used along with hooks, double hooks S-hooks, cables and chains that fasten to the clip and the hanging sign.


Ceiling anchors and adhesive hooks establish a permanent fastening point on the ceiling. Anchors are screwed directly into the ceiling creating a strong connection for hanging heavier signs. Adhesive hooks and anchors are quick and easy to install, but cannot support much weight. These are also used with hooks, double hooks S-hooks, cables and chains to hang signs from the ceiling.

Track Systems

Trak, or Track systems are grooved or slotted bars that are attached directly or suspended from ceilings and walls. The sign fits into the groove or slot and secured, giving lateral stability to a hanging sign.


Hooks, double hooks S-hooks, quick link, cables and chains are all commonly used as intermediate connecting devices and can be adjusted for length to hang the sign at the proper height.

There are hundreds of custom and specialty fasteners and hanging sign hardware, but these are the basic ones that will get the job done.