Hanging Tab Top Curtains

What You'll Need
Tab top curtains
Curtain rod
Measuring tape
Electric screwdriver or drill

One of the most convenient and affordable drapes you can hang are tab top curtains. Not because they are inexpensive does it mean they are low quality. They come in a variety of fabrics, patterns, weight, and intricate details such as buttons and beading. So if you’re interested to learn how to hang tab top curtains, let’s first take a look at the materials needed.

Step 1 – Measure the Window

When buying a curtain rod, make sure to measure your windows first. Measure the width and add 4 inches on each side for a total of 8 inches. That will be the length of the curtain rod you'll need for your window. Aside from the width, you also need to measure the height of the window to know the length of the tap top curtains you'll need. You may opt for curtains that stop at the end of the window or choose panels that go all the way to the floor. This gives an illusion of long walls. Now, allot 4 inches above the window for the tabs and the curtain rod.

Step 2 – Prepare the Materials

Once your measurements are ready, it's time to prepare the materials. In case you are using your old curtain rod and curtain panels, check if they will fit the measurements you've taken. If you need to purchase, look for a curtain rod and a tab top curtain according to the dimensions you've measured.

Step 3 – Install the Curtain Rod

Measure 4 inches above the window and four inches to the right of the right side corner. Mark with your pencil. Do the same on the left hand corner of the window. Using your drill or electric screwdriver, install the brackets that come with your curtain rod. A drill is recommended if the wall is hard for your electric screwdriver to penetrate.

Step 4 – Hang the Tab Top Curtains

Now take your tab top curtains and start inserting the rod into the tabs. When you're done, hang the curtain rod on the brackets you installed in the previous step. Stand a few feet away from the window and see if the rod is perfectly leveled.

You're done. Now it's time to admire your new tab top curtains.