Hanging Wall Mounted Bedroom Nightstands

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-60
What You'll Need
Stud finder
Carpenters square
Grease pen
Tape measure
Lag bolts
2 1/2 -inch long wood screws
Super strong epoxy

You can find bedroom nightstands in many styles that allow you to match them to your overall design. To create a feel of elegance, install a floating nightstand, which looks to be suspended in the air. The information in the article below will explain how to make your own floating bedroom nightstands.

Assemble the Bedroom Nightstands

If you purchased your nightstands from a store, then you will most likely have to assemble them yourself. If you already had them or bought them assembled then you can skip Step 1. Follow the instructions included with the nightstands. There is nothing to change to the overall construction. It is, however, a good idea to use wood glue or epoxy along the edges, in conjunction with the screws.

Measure Placement

Bedroom nightstands are usually in pairs. 1 is placed beside the bed on each side. They are best utilized at the same height as the bed or slightly higher. Place the bedroom nightstands against the wall, and then determine the height you want them to be when hung. Mark the height with a grease pen. Remove the nightstands. Use the stud finder to locate the studs in the wall and mark them. Measure from the floor up to the height you determined, using the stud as the distance from the bed to the nearest side of the nightstand. Use the level and square to draw guidelines in the grease pen for the height and width. Do this for each nightstand.


Bedroom nightstands can be heavy, so you need to make sure they stay in place. To do this, make braces out of 2x4's. Start at the center of 1 stud, and measure to the center of the other stud. Transfer these measurements to the 2x4. Cut out 4 pieces of this length. Measure the height of the nightstands and then measure from the top of the horizontal guideline downward and mark the height. Now, measure 4-inches from the top and bottom and make a mark at each position. Hold a cut piece of 2x4 in place, and then use the level to position it straight. Draw a line the length of the 2x4 to create a guide. Repeat for the bottom as well as the other nightstand. Apply epoxy to each 2x4 and place it on the wall along with the guidelines and press. Drill pilot holes and drive lag bolts through the 2x4's into the studs. Do this for each piece of 2x4.

Hanging the Bedroom Nightstands

Use a stool as the platform to stabilize the nightstands. Books can also be used. Place the nightstand against the wall, using the level and square to ensure it is not crooked. Adjust the height as needed. Apply epoxy to the 2x4 braces and press the nightstand against it. Apply pressure for several seconds. Place 2 screws through the inside of the nightstand for each brace. They will sink through the nightstand, 2x4 brace, and then the stud in the wall.