Hanging Wallpaper: How to Measure for Wallpaper

Many homeowners will start hanging wallpaper by themselves to change the look of a room without painting or a major remodeling. Hanging wallpaper is not a tough project, but it does require some planning, careful attention to detail, and following some basic rules. 

Getting the Right Amount

One of the things that many homeowners do wrong is that they do not get the right amount of wallpaper to cover our entire room. This can cause problems especially if it is a product that has been discontinued. In order to avoid this type of problem you should take the time to measure your room before going to the store and buying wallpaper.

Take Your Measurements

Wallpaper is sold by the square foot. The rolls will have a certain amount of square footage contained that tells you how much surface area it will cover. To find out how much area you have in your room you must measure each wall separately. Measure both the height and the width of the walls. Multiply these numbers together to find the square footage of that wall. Repeat the process with each wall and then add up all the square footage for the grand total. 

Include Extra

In order to get the best look when hanging wallpaper you need to take your time and line up the pattern, and make allowances for obstructions like mantles, and wall nooks. Allow for at least 10 percent more wallpaper in your measurements so you do not run out before you finish your project.