Hanging Wallpaper on Outside Corners: 3 Tips

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Hanging wallpaper on outside corners can be difficult in order to make sure that it doesn't peel or tear. Here are a few tips that can help you with this task and make it go smoothly.

1. Prepare

One big issue with the outside corner is that you have to make sure that there is enough material to go around. Mapping out the pieces of wallpaper to see where each will end is the best idea and should be done before you begin so that you can make sure there are no end pieces or slivers. By planning ahead you can avoid running out of wallpaper while you are in the middle of the outside corner.

2. Sponge

Use a sponge to make sure that any excess water gets wiped and soaked up. Otherwise you may have slipping around the edges and the corner may not fasten as well as it needs to.

3. Double Cut

Double cutting is a process that can help you match up the pattern and at the same time, gives you a perfect fitting seam. While you are double cutting, make sure to use a newer razor or sharpened one so that your seam is straight and doesn't fray.

Following these tips can help you apply the wallpaper to the outside corners smoothly. Good luck!