Hanging Wallpaper on the Ceiling: Where to Start

Hanging wallpaper is one of the most basic do it yourself projects that can have a dramatic effect on your room very quickly. Without having the huge cost of remodeling your home you can have a completely new look by simply hanging wallpaper on your walls, or even on your ceiling. When you decide to take the step to hang wallpaper on your ceiling you will follow the same basic steps as for the walls, with one important difference

Where to Start?

When you pick up some wallpaper and go to hang it on your wall, you know that you will be starting at one corner and working your way around the room. Where you start hanging your wallpaper on your ceiling will be determined by what is on your ceiling. 

Center Light Fixture

If your ceiling has a central lighting fixture on it, then you are going to be starting your wallpaper in the center. Removal of the light fixture, medallion, trim pieces, and other ceiling obstacles will have to be done. Start laying the wallpaper so the seam of two pieces is at the light fixture.

Nothing on Ceiling

If you have a ceiling where there is nothing on it, you will be able to start in one of the corners and work out from there. You can remove any trim on the wall that meets the ceiling, but it is not necessary.