Hardboard Information and Applications


Hardboard is a manmade wood created by compressing composite board with fibers. Hardboard has many various uses; however a less known use is by painters. The properties of the hardboard allow for painters to have an overall better painting job with less chance of cracking because it’s more rigid. Also hardboard is rather inexpensive to purchase which makes it ideal for remodeling cupboards, doors, fitments, and other various objects in homes, garages, and sheds.

Types and Uses of Hardboard

Hardboard comes in three different finishes. Each one allows for a different set of uses.


The standard hardboard has a mesh texture on one side and a smooth surface on the other. The standard version is used a lot in door panels, cupboards, floors, and ceiling paneling because of the smooth side.


The medium is less dense then the standard but it’s also thicker and rigid. The low density version of the medium is useful for pin boards while the high density is useful for lining walls.

Tempered Treated

With the temper treated process the hardboard is able to withstand the elements of water and snow and is best for exterior use.