Hardboard can be very difficult to penetrate with normal nails or screws. Hardboard is a name given to any wood that is not a cone bearing tree, these are called softwood. Incidentally, there are types of softwood that are harder than hardboard, and vice versa, but most hardboard is harder.

There are many ways to penetrate hardboard, but without the appropriate tools it will be difficult. If your nails continue to bend and screws strip themselves, you are probably dealing with a very dense hard wood.

  • Step 1: Mark off the place where you would like to put in a nail or screw.
  • Step 2: Use a power drill with a sharp drill head to puncture a hole in the wood. Make sure that the hole will be shorter and thinner than your nail or screw.
  • Step 3: Try putting in the nail or screw by hand. If it still won't go in you can try making the hole bigger, or use a power drill to mechanically force the screw in.

Popular Types of Hardboard

Some of the most popular types of hardboard include oak, ash, cherry, walnut, mahogany, and maple. The hardest wood is called Snake wood and it comes from South America.