Clogged Drain: A DIY Alternative to Drain Snakes

Twisted strands of stainless steel cable
What You'll Need
1/8" diameter stainless steel cable--twisted strands, not braided.
Needle Nose Pliers

Every household encounters the inevitable clogged drain once in a while. The easiest way to fix the issue is to use a drain snake, but if the clogged drain has sharp turns that are too tight for one (i.e., some bathtub drains), or if you’re worried about scratches and damage to your porcelain fixtures, you can use the following steps to make a simple tool for unclogging a drain.

Step 1 - Simply bend several individual wires (not strands) out in different directions from the center of the cable so that when rotated, the strands will snag hair in the clogged drain.

Step 2 - Fish cable as you would a drain snake, twisting as you push gently to advance into and around elbows, etc.

Step 3 - When you feel the clog, just twist the cable until you feel some resistance and withdraw slowly to extract hair and other debris.

Step 4 - Repeat until the clog comes out, maybe two or three times.

This helpful article was provided by community member Tom Jones.