Headlight Repair: Best Solutions to Use for Headlight Oxidation

Should your vehicle develop unsightly headlight oxidation you will want to undertake the headlight repair without waiting too long. Not only does the oxidation lower the light quality of the headlight, it also makes your car look dirty and neglected. Oxidation occurs due to constant sun exposure as well as radiant light from the headlight itself. Another factors is moisture build up inside followed by the development of mold and mildew. Small crevices allow moisture to come though creating a foggy effect that dims the light. Here are the best solutions for headlight oxidation.

Glass Cleaner

A simple glass cleaner can do the trick. Determine whether the oxidation has occurred inside or outside. Either way, if the oxidation has not totally damaged your headlights, spray on the glass cleaner and use a little elbow grease to rub through the headlight cover until it clears up. A watered down degreaser might be used as well if glass cleaner is not available. Follow it up with glass polish to bring back the shine and luster of your headlights. Remember that if the oxidation occurred inside, you would have to check your car manual to see how to remove the glass panel that houses your headlights.

Polishing with Rotary Buffer

Some oxidation on headlights could be deeply ingrained so you might need a rotary buffer to remove the unsightly oxidation. Make sure to apply plastic polish, let it dry and then gently buff the outside and inside of your headlights. The buffer help is gently scarping the top oxidized layer of your headlight panel bringing it back to its brand new look.

Sanding and Polishing

A 600-grit sandpaper may be used to remove oxidation. This process will initially leave small scratches but all you have to do is dip the sandpaper in soapy water and then sand. After this, spray it with a plastic cleaner,  rinse and then wipe with a clean cloth. To remove the scratches, wet the headlight lens once again and then using your finger, apply plastic polish evenly over the headlight lens. With the sandpaper you used earlier rub the headlight from side to side, gently buffing away scratches. The sandpaper should be dipped in soapy water periodically to keep it from drying out. After this process, use a 2500-grit sandpaper to remove the scratches left by the other sandpaper. Finally, apply the plastic polish again leaving it on the surface for a few minutes and then buff it off using a clean cloth.

Silicone Sealer

This is best used to protect the headlights from future oxidation. This should be applied after removing oxidation from your headlights.