Health Dangers Hidden in Some Spackle Products

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There are very serious health dangers hidden in some spackle products. A spackling compound is a powder made up of plaster and glue. When it's mixed with water it hardens to fill in holes in plaster and has been used for many years. Until around the 1970s, almost all spackle contained asbestos. You can be exposed to asbestos by simply sanding down a wall or tearing up a floor. Here are some of the health dangers you need to know about asbestos and this deadly chemical that was used in all spackle before the 1980s.


Since the 1930s, spackle has been applied to drywall to create a decorative pattern and people applied spackle to walls and ceilings using a trowel. The spackling mixture has sand, water, lime, and gypsum that harden into a plaster when mixed together. Spackle has been used for many years and will still be used for many years, but you need to know if you have been exposed to the harmful spackle that was used before they knew what it was doing to the human body.

About Asbestos

If you live in a house built before 1980, chances are that you are surrounded by asbestos. You should check into it for your health and safety. Spackle that contains asbestos can be deadly once it starts to deteriorate or is sanded down. At this point, the dust from the asbestos is in the air, and when it's inhaled it can be very deadly. The fibers lodge in your lungs and other organ linings and while there may not be any immediate symptoms, this can cause mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is deadly cancer that affects the thin lining of tissue around your lungs. The symptoms are often misdiagnosed and when they do figure out what is wrong, it's usually only months away from being fatal. Those who were in construction before the 1980s are at high risk of having mesothelioma.

Asbestos Uses

Asbestos is also used for floors and tiles. It was mixed and used as a floor adhesive as well as a wall plaster. The most common floor adhesive it was used for was 9 x 9-floor tiles, as these were the most common. Asbestos is used for its resistance to fire, electrical and chemical damage. There was a lot of asbestos being used in building construction, which is still slowly being removed to this day.


There are safety regulations by the EPA and OSHA that are in effect to make sure that asbestos is used properly. If not used properly, it can be a very deadly chemical and creates very harmful effects on the human body. After being exposed to these fibers, there is no known cure to get rid of them.