Healthy Homemade Dog Food Recipes

There are a number of healthy dog food recipes that you can make at home if you've been wanting to start your dog on a healthy diet, but don't feel like paying exorbitant prices for health-conscious over-the-counter foods. Making your own dog food ensures that you know exactly what your pet is getting come feeding time and is sure to save you a fair amount of money.

Turkey Lover's Delight

One easy-to-make homemade dog food recipe is Turkey Lover's Delight. As the recipe's name suggests, you will need a pound of ground turkey, as well as two cups of brown rice, a single teaspoon of dried rosemary and a combination of frozen cauliflower, broccoli and carrots. Begin making this recipe by combing your turkey, rosemary and rice with six cups of water in a pot or pan. Next, use a spoon to stir the ingredients until the turkey has completely mixed with the rosemary and rice. Bring to a boil the water and, once the boiling point has been reached, lower the temperature and allow the mixture to simmer for about half an hour. Last, add your cauliflower, broccoli and carrots to the mix. Allow the food to simmer for five more minutes and you're finished. Among the numerous homemade dog food recipes, this one is sure to satisfy the palate of even the most finicky pooch.

Chicken Champ

Another healthy, high-in-flavor homemade dog food recipe is Chicken Champ. This particular recipe is one of the best dog food recipes for both normal dogs and dogs with special dietary needs. To make this recipe, you will need three pounds of cooked, minced chicken, as well as four cups of brown rice and two cups of frozen carrots, broccoli or cauliflower or some combination thereof. As with the previous recipe, begin by combining the ingredients in a pot or pan and adding six cups of water. Next, heat the water until it boils, after which you will need to give it about twenty minutes to simmer at a medium setting. In addition to being very easy to make, this particular recipe utilizes ingredients used in many commercial dog foods and is a fantastic anytime meal for your pooch.

Fishy Feast

If your dog is an avid lover of fish, Fishy Feast is one of the best do-it-yourself dog food recipes. This recipe requires a half a cup of broccoli and/or carrots, a single cup of boiled, chopped salmon and half a cup of cooked brown rice. Combine these ingredients in a bowl and stir them until the meal has taken shape. Should you choose to refrigerate any uneaten portions of this recipe, take care to it them away if your dog hasn't consumed it within three days.

The next time the price of healthy dog food gets you down, just remember these simple do-it-yourself dog food recipes and both you and your pooch will be a lot happier.