Hedge Trimming Clean Up Techniques

After hedge trimming, your yard can look as though a twister just passed by. Here are several tips to keep your yard neat during and after hedge trimming.

Pruning Tarp

A firefighter in Kentucky came up with this ingenious device to catch hedge trimmings and protect flowerbeds. The tarp, called the Pruning Partner, is made of waterproof ripstop nylon in 6 pieces. It can be placed in a circle around a bush, or laid in a long row beside a hedge. The trimmed branches fall onto the tarp, which you then roll up and take to the compost heap or the trash.

Twig-Catcher Attachment for Electric Hedge Trimmers

A rigid tarpaulin bag attached to the handles extends on a wire top frame under the shear blades. Virtually all of the hedge twigs fall directly into the bag as they are cut.

Vacuum Action Hedge Trimmer and Shredder

Looking remarkably like a vacuum cleaner for hedges, the Garden Groom's cutting blades direct hedge twigs down a long broad hose to a combined container and shredder. With its enclosed blades, the Garden Groom dramatically reduces injuries often experienced with other powered hedge trimmers. The Garden Groom reduces the volume of yard waste from hedge trimming by 90%.