Herb Garden Design: Wagon Wheel Design

An outdoor herb garden has the opportunity to be designed to the individual style of the gardener. Traditional herb gardens tend to be square or rectangular but for a more rustic approach you could try using a wagon wheel design. 

How to create a wagon wheel herb garden

The only tools you will need to create a wagon wheel herb garden are a wagon wheel and a selection of herbs. You can possibly add potted flowers or vegetables such as tomatoes as well as a matter of personal preference. The wagon wheel is placed into its desired location before making use of each of its seven sections. Gardeners simply plant the herbs in between the rungs.  

Why create a wagon wheel herb garden

The advantage of using the wagon wheel herb garden design is that you can have complete sections that are dedicated to a single herb. These sections can be changed and altered depending on the climate and what you are most likely to use for that particular season. For a more dramatic effect you could also try using different colors and scents as this will add texture and vibrancy to your herb garden. 

To finish off your design place a plant in the center of the wagon wheel.