Hickory Tree Care and Maintenance

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Wood from the hickory tree is often used to make bats and ax handles. Pieces of the wood called hickory chips are also used to smoke and barbecue meats. This type of tree is very easy to maintain. Hickory trees can grow up to 130 feet, but most stay between 70 and 80 feet tall.

Seedling Care

If you have a seedling hickory tree, be careful when selecting its new location. This type of tree has a very large tap root, which makes successful transplanting difficult when they start to grow. Protect it from predator by placing a cage over the young tree until it is large enough to repair itself.

Yearly Maintenance

Fertilize with a time-release or organic fertilizer in the spring to provide nutrients. You can trim the branches from the tree when young in order to control the shape of the growth. Once the tree is mature, do not do any massive trimming. If you severely alter the tree, you may cause injury and even inhibit its growth.