Hidden Door Hardware

Looking for door hardware for your hidden room or hidden door can be a fun task. You will want to make sure that you can purchase hardware that will last, that will be inconspicuous and that will serve the purpose. Here are several things to consider when you are purchasing your hidden door hardware.


Take a look at the different styles and types of hinges available. One great idea for your hidden door is to use a pivot hinge. The pivot hinge is not noticeable and is reliable.

Toe Kick

You need to consider how you will enter your door. Having a simple knob will certainly give away your door. Consider using a toe kick. Some hidden doors are built like book-shelves. When you kick the door at the bottom, the bookshelf door will swing open.

Sliding Track

Your door could also be installed as a sliding door. The advantage of sliding doors is that they tend to be a little more secure than a door that needs to be pushed or pressed for entering. Mount the track on the other side of the door and purchase a remote control that will allow someone passage onto the other side of the door.