High Security Value with a Steel Entry Door

A steel door.

A steel entry door is commonly looked at as a sensible and safe option. An entry door is the door placed at the main entrance of the house. Since an entry door is liable to be used on a regular basis, its performance and durability greatly impact the home’s security. Homeowners who are contemplating other entry door options should browse through the multiple advantages of securing a house with a steel entry door.

Get Familiar with Contemporary Steel Entry Doors

It should be noted that the conventional steel entry doors were rather heavy and difficult to handle. These doors had a distinct industrial appearance that wasn’t suited for the aesthetics of a residential space. However, the contemporary range of steel entry doors is vastly different.

For starters, they aren’t as heavy as their traditional counterparts. They provide no functional drawback when compared to any other kind of entry door option. This makes the modern steel entry doors an enviable option as they combine the impenetrable safety associated with traditional steel doors with the ease and frugality of other, fashionable door options.

Features that Make Steel Entry Doors a Worthy High-security Value Option

The durability and dependability of steel entry doors are underlined by the fact that they are retailed with the longest warranty periods in the entry door market. Steel doors are among the very rare doors sold with lifetime warranties, including free replacements offered by some leading manufacturers.

The security advantage of steel doors is largely due to the uncompromising nature of steel that is durable against all kinds of external elements that can breach the security of a house. This includes providing protection against attempted forceful entry, making such doors effective protection against burglaries and break-ins. The densely-packed steel panels provide greater security against common tools used for breaking entry doors.
Even the hardware recommended for domestic steel doors has admirable security features. This includes external trims and common hardware items like knobs and handles. The compact installation feature of the hardware doesn’t create any weakness to the overall sturdiness of the steel entry door.

Steel doors provide a robust surface that can easily withstand the daily abuse associated with entry doors. Common door maintenance issues like neglectful handling or the inability to execute timely repairs have little effect on the security-centric performance of steel doors. A steel entry door is inherently strong against external weather elements that are often responsible for weakening entry doors, making them vulnerable to forced entry.

Customized High-security Value of Steel Entry Doors

Steel doors provide options for security. Homeowners can choose across a wide range of steel entry doors that are retailed specifically to provide high security at reasonable prices. This includes 24-to-25-gauge steel doors. Doors with thicker panels can also be ordered.

Homeowners fearing any particular kind of security hazard in their neighborhood can order steel security doors with extra protection across a wide range of possible threats. This includes steel doors with global-standard fire-safety ratings and even bullet-resistant doors.

High-security Value of Steel Entry Doors with Aesthetic Sense

The high-security performance of steel doors doesn’t compromise their aesthetic capability. They can be ordered in a wide range of finishes, including wooden veneer finish. Steel doors can be ordered with raised panels or side moldings. Contemporary steel door designs include Victorian-style carvings and ornate panels. Homeowners who don’t want to spend too much on the decoration part can simply stain or paint their steel doors for a long-lasting, glossy finish.