High Tank Toilets

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A great way to achieve a vintage look to your bathroom is to install high tank toilets. This type of toilet was among the first toilets used in private homes. They have charm that recalls Hollywood movies and childhood memories. High tank toilets come in different designs, from simple porcelain models to high end types with heated seats.

How Do They Work?

The mechanism of high tank toilets is simple; the cistern is placed high on the wall under the pan. It has to be connected to the pan by a long pipe. The first high tank toilets used copper pipes; these days the pipes are made from steel. The flush system employed by these kinds of toilets works well because it takes advantage of the force of gravity to create the necessary pressure to help the flush system to operate correctly. This system is activated by a pull-chain and a handle. The handle is made from wood and can have different shapes. This is the part of the high tank toilets that people like to personalize the most.