Hints for Pruning a Lobelia

blue lobelia flowers like small pansies

The small flowers from the lobelia plant are sure to bring color to your garden while at the same time attracting lovely visitors such as hummingbirds. But they can grow out of control when blooming so here are a few tips to adhere to when pruning your lobelia plants.

When to Prune

Guides will say that you only have to prune your lobelia once a year but of course keep an eye on your plant as it may require more pruning if it's looking untidy. But aim to prune it at least yearly in the middle of its blooming season (middle of summer).

How to Prune

To successfully prune your lobelia plant, you don't have to invest in any heavy duty shears—small pruning shears or scissors will do fine. Use your best judgement to prune the places the plant looks dry and cut those branches by about half. Don't worry about cutting back too much, if you don't prune enough, it will not flower again next season and you won't be promoting new growth.

Bonus Tip

Another great tip is to apply fertilizer right after pruning. Opt for a fertilizer that is diluted in water and also keep the plant mulched during the summer for great results.