Holiday Wreaths You Can DIY

Make Your Holiday Special With a DIY Wreath
An evergreen wreath with a red bow hanging on a door.

The wreath is one of the most important elements of any holiday decor. If hanging on your front door, it’s the first thing visitors will see, and it really completes the look of any home during the fall and winter. Instead of buying a wreath, however, create something truly unique and one-of-a-kind, which will make your holiday season much more special. Here's a few simple steps and ideas to follow to get a festive wreath you'll enjoy seeing on your front door this holiday season. 

Make or Purchase a Basic Form
Someone hot-gluing greenery onto a wreath form.

Whether you're working with live greenery, faux evergreen, or fir sprigs from the craft store, you want to start with a wreath form. You can find wreath form varieties at the craft store most often in foam, but also in metal, wood, and twigs. You can also make your own with a wire coat hanger. Simply mold the coat hanger into a circular shape and leave the hook at the top so you have an easy way to hang your wreath.

Add the Greenery
A rustic wood holiday wreath form with greenery and ribbon.

Once you have your form, you can begin attaching sprigs of greenery. Do this with floral wire and hot glue until you get the look you want. Attach your berries the same way to the design until you have a full wreath that's alive with holiday colors.

Mix it Up
Someone adding berry springs to a DIY Christmas wreath.

For a variation, make a wreath using only sprigs of berries to really make your front door stand out! Springs of red berries are available at craft stores, but you can always harvest yours from the wild. For contrast, add a few sprigs of white or metallic berries to the design.

Get Rustic
Someone adding pinecones to a holiday wreath.

Create a rustic wreath by adding pine cones to your design. They're easy to find in areas where pine trees grow, and they're lightweight and versatile enough to use in DIY projects of all types. Want to take your wreath up a notch? Spraypaint some of your pine cones in metallic gold and silver shades to make your DIY design pop.

Wrap it Up
A wreath with red ribbon detail.

Add red ribbon to your wreath for a pop of texture and color. Simply wind the ribbon all the way around the wreath in big loops. A bright red bow at the bottom of the wreath finishes off the look.

Use Ornaments
Someone stringing red ornaments onto a wire wreath form.

For a different holiday design, make a wreath using the same coat hanger frame we mentioned earlier. To start, leave the ends of the wreath disconnected so that you have an open circle. Then, simply slide ornaments onto the wire using the loops at the top of each ornament. When your frame is all filled up, close the ends and hang your wreath. This is a great way to make a DIY wreath using decor you already have at home

Get Creative
A wreath with small holiday decorations in the foreground.

Add flowers, bows, ornaments, and other decorations to your wreath as you like. Get creative, and have fun with this DIY project. Once you start making your wreath, you'll get all sorts of great ideas that will make the design even better. Because after all, every DIY project should have a little bit of you in it—especially one that's going to hang on your front door!