Home Coffee Station Ideas

person preparing to make drip coffee with a glass device and filter

The world learned a lot when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Some things that everyone took for granted, like the act of going out to have a cup of coffee, totally disappeared. But you can still enjoy some of life's simple pleasures at home. With some simple DIY tricks, you can create your own home coffee station and give yourself a little bit of that cafe experience whenever you want.

Picking a Spot

Your home coffee bar can be as big or a small as you want it to be. Choose a corner, a nook or even a whole wall for your coffee area. Just remember to keep some important things in mind when you're picking your spot. First and foremost, you're going to need electricity to hook up your coffee pot, espresso machine, electric kettle or any other small appliance you may want in your coffee area. If you can't place your coffee bar near an outlet, keep in mind that you'll have to get an extension cord and possibly also a surge protector in the area to power your coffee station.

hands preparing coffee at home

You're also going to want lighting in your coffee area so you can see what you're doing. Position the coffee station near a natural light source, such as a window, if possible. If you don't have a lot of light in the area where you want to place your coffee station, you can always fix this problem pretty easily even if you haven't got a lot of electrical experience.

You don’t need to install new lighting fixtures. Again, all you need is electricity. Use standard stringed lights to brighten up the area. This will not only add light but it will also add a decorative element to your station.

Building a Coffee Station

You don't need a lot of stuff or a big area to build a great coffee station. There are really only a few items you actually need to create a great little coffee area.

First, you'll want a surface and some storage space to hold your coffee maker, mugs and other items you'll need to have a functioning coffee area. If you haven't already got counter space or a piece of furniture in mind for your coffee area, make your own. You can always repurpose a dresser, nightstands, TV table or a bookcase to create a coffee station. If you get a table with wheels on it, you can make a mobile coffee station. Just remember to unplug your appliances before you wheel the table away!

You need a practical spot to hold your coffee mugs. You can always get a little mug holder that will sit right on a table or counter. But if you don't want to take up the extra surface space, it's easy to hang coffee mugs from the bottom of a shelf or a simple rod if you use hooks. This also turns your mugs into a decorative display, as well as giving you a practical way to store them.

You have a spot for your mugs and your coffee maker, the big-ticket items. But you will also need several other items to have a functioning coffee station. You'll need sugar, stirring sticks or spoons, and possibly some little extras like nutmeg, cinnamon, creamer, saucers and everything else you need to make a great cup of coffee. Use some simple storage solutions to keep all your coffee essentials close.

hands pouring milk into a hot latte

A cupcake stand is a perfect addition to any coffee area because this is such a great spot to store small items you need for your coffee, such as saucers. Cupcake stands are also made to spin, which gives you your own little lazy susan. This makes it easy for you to access whatever you need.

Small jars are a great way to store sugar, powdered creamer and other dry items you may need for your coffee station. The jars are decorative and they're widely available in all different sizes, which makes them a great option for any coffee station.

Final Touches

Finish your coffee station with decorative elements, such as a small chalkboard or a picture on the wall. You may always want to include napkins or paper towels, because making a cup of coffee always makes a bit of a mess, too. Once your final touches are in place, you'll be ready to give yourself a cafe experience whenever you like.