Home Depot FAQ

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The Home Depot is an extremely well-known store to DIYers of all kinds, from the most die-hard to the most casual crafters. But there's so much to know about the store and its products, you need a Home Depot FAQ just to get basic information.

Get the answers to the most-asked questions about Home Depot by real shoppers.

Shopping at Home Depot

Can I shop at Home Depot without an account?

You do not need an account with Home Depot to shop at the store, whether you're going to a physical location or shopping online. Home Depot's online store even allows for a guest checkout option, so you don't have to sign up for a username.

Home Depot does offer an option for user accounts online, and it offers a credit card that can be used in-store or online. Information about discounts and special sales days is sometimes offered to these customers, which is a perk for being an account holder.

What time does Home Depot open?

Home Depot is open most days of the year from 6 am to 9 pm, local time.

How much of a discount do contractors get at Home Depot?

Technically, contractors do not get a discount at Home Depot. However, the store has a "volume pricing program."

This program simply means that discounts are provided to those who buy materials in bulk. Since contractors typically buy a lot of lumber, tile, and other building materials, this discount program is clearly designed for them.

The exact amount of the discount depends on the amount of materials being purchased and what materials are being purchased, but buying in bulk typically comes with a 6 to 20 percent discount off the total price.

What is the Home Depot delivery fee?

Delivery fees at Home Depot vary based on what you have purchased. You will find out how much the delivery fee costs when checking out.

Usually, you can schedule your delivery time within a one- or two-hour window, based on when you placed the order. Home Depot offers a delivery tracker app, and there is an option where you can receive text message updates about your delivery order.

How does Home Depot pickup work?

Home Depot offers in-store pickup on items that are in stock. Items you purchase online can be scheduled for same-day pickup at the store of your choosing, with many items ready in hours.

If you order pickup, whether you choose same-day pickup or schedule the pickup in advantage, you will go to the Customer Service desk (or Pro desk for contractors if you checked out using this option) and receive your order.

If the item you want to buy is not available for pickup at your store, you can choose to have the item shipped to your store so you can still pick it up here later.

Does Home Depot have price match?

Home Depot has a well-advertised price matching policy, through which the store promises to match competitor prices on the same products. If you find that a Home Depot competitor is offering an item or a cheaper price, Home Depot will match this price.

This means it pays to shop around, and you can still purchase the item from Home Depot even if you find a better deal elsewhere.

Are dogs allowed in Home Depot?

Dogs are absolutely allowed in Home Depot as long as they are leashed. They do not have to be service animals, as all leashed dogs are welcome in the store.

If your dog is aggressive or loud, you may be asked to leave the store for the comfort of other customers. But as long as your pet is fairly well-behaved, you are more than welcome to take your pooch to the store.

Does Home Depot give a discount for using their credit card?

The first time you use your Home Depot credit card, you will get $25 off of purchases of $25 to $299 and bigger discounts on purchases that are larger than this. However, this is a one-time deal.

You will not receive any ongoing deals or discounts for having a Home Depot credit card after this first-time discount.

The Home Depot credit card is not the same as the Home Depot Project Loan Card, which is a special offering and which is a different question.

What do they sell at Home Depot?

Home Depot sells far too many products to list them all. The store carries a huge variety of home improvement materials, tools, appliances, fixtures, and various odds and ends.

You can get just about everything you need at Home Depot, including small materials like nuts and bolts and nails, carpeting, tiles, roofing and flooring supplies, paints, home decor—the list goes on and on. Basically, Home Depot sells whatever you need for any DIY project you might have in mind.

Does Home Depot do layaway?

Home Depot does not offer layaway. However, there is a Home Depot credit card available and for larger projects, Home Depot does have bulk pricing and a project loan program that might help.

Does Home Depot have discount wood?

Home Depot does offer discounts on wood if you're looking for a way to save money. First, you can purchase wood scraps at discounted prices if smaller pieces of wood will work for your project.

If you need full-sized wood, and you need a lot of it, you can purchase wood in bulk and get a discount on the total price of the lumber.

Does Home Depot cut glass?

Though Home Depot can cut lumber, blinds, and other items, the store does not cut glass. However, there are glass-cutting kits you can purchase in the store.

Is furniture from Home Depot good?

Along with everything else Home Depot sells, you can purchase furniture for every room of the home here as well. Home Depot carries a huge variety of furniture, including beds, sofas, kitchen items, and patio furniture.

According to reviewers, Home Depot furniture is high quality. Many buyers find Home Depot furniture to be well-made and stylish.

What is the least busy day at Home Depot?

Want to avoid the crowds and shop in peace? The best day to go to Home Depot is during the week.

Home Depot is least busy first thing in the morning, around 9 am, and again from 1 to 5 pm. During the week and at these times, excluding holiday weekends and Black Friday of course, you will find the fewest other shoppers in the store.

Can you order online from Home Depot?

Home Depot has an online storefront where you can purchase just about any item the store carries, everything from paint to appliances to a single nail. The Home Depot website offers multiple options, such as home delivery and in-store pickup, so you can choose how you receive your items.

Home Depot Around the World

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What is Home Depot in the UK?

As of 2023, there are no Home Depot locations in the United Kingdom. Home Depot is an international retail store with locations in multiple countries, but this part of Europe is not yet one of those locations.

The UK has a store a lot like Home Depot known as B and Q, sometimes styled as B&Q.

Where is the biggest Home Depot?

The biggest Home Depot in the world is in Vauxhall, New Jersey. That's just about 15 miles outside of Newark, New Jersey.

This store is 217,000 square feet in size, which is massive. This is larger than the second-biggest Home Depot store, which is in Anaheim Hill, California, and takes up 204,000 square feet of space.

Who owns Home Depot Canada?

Home Depot has no parent company. It is a publicly-traded company, which means that anyone can buy shares of Home Depot.

There is no one company or one person that ones 51 percent of Home Depot shares, which would be a controlling interest.

As far as Home Depot Canada, Michael Rowe is the president of sales and operations for the country. Rowe has been working with Home Depot since 2006.

Where was the first Home Depot?

The very first Home Depot opened in Atlanta, Georgia, on June 22, 1979.

How many Home Depot are there in the world?

Home Depot is the largest home improvement retailer in the entire world. The brand has 2,300 stores in North America and employs 500,000 people across the continent.

Home Depot Discounts and Pricing

Who currently owns Home Depot?

The Home Depot was originally founded by two men, Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. Today, Home Depot is a publicly traded company that is run by a board of directors.

What was Home Depot's original name?

When it opened, Home Depot was already called Home Depot. When the store was still an idea and not a reality, however, the idea was to call it "Bad Bernie's Buildall."

The name was sort of a play on "Crazy Eddie," a TV pitchman and retailer who rose to fame for his aggressive commercials. Luckily, an investor convinced the two founders of the store to give it a different name.

What bank does Home Depot use?

Home Depot uses Citibank for its store credit card.

Is Lowe’s cheaper than Home Depot?

Because Lowe's and Home Depot are direct competitors, these two retailers attempt to match each other's prices in order to keep up with each other. On most items, you will notice little to no difference in pricing when it comes to similar products from both stores.

Is Home Depot cheaper than Walmart?

Home Depot is expanding even faster than Walmart, which says a great deal about this retail giant's strength. According to various consumer reports, Home Depot not only has a much better selection of home improvement materials than Walmart, but it also offers better pricing.

When it comes to home improvement materials and items, Home Depot generally does have more affordable pricing than Walmart. Thanks to the price match guarantee provided by Home Depot, you can get a lower price for the item you want to buy if you find it on sale cheaper at Walmart.

Is Lowe’s or Home Depot bigger?

When it comes to the amount of space the stores use, Lowe's is bigger in physical space than Home Depot. On average, Lowe's stores have around 112,000 square feet of indoor space and 32,000 square feet of outdoor garden center space.

Compare this to about 104,000 square feet of interior space at Home Depot and 24,000 outdoor garden space.

Are Home Depot online prices the same as in-store?

Home Depot prices are the same both online and in the store. Home Depot also honors its price match guarantee, even for online items.

Does Home Depot give a military discount?

Yes, Home Depot does offer a military discount. Active servicemembers and reservists can get 10 percent off of items with a valid military ID.

Veterans receive a 10 percent discount on Veteran's Day and Memorial Day.

Does Home Depot offer a senior discount?

Home Depot does not offer a senior discount.

How do you qualify for a project loan at Home Depot?

If you have a large-scale project in mind, you might think about a Home Depot project loan. Through this program, customers get fixed monthly payments with no prepayment penalty.

The credit line for this program is up to $55,000 at a fixed interest rate. However, all credit toward purchases must be used within the first six months.

The program can only be used to make purchases at Home Depot.

To qualify for this program, you will need a minimum credit score of 600.

Is a lumber yard cheaper than Home Depot?

Unless you're buying wood scraps, which are sold at Home Depot at a discounted price, it is cheaper to buy your wood from a lumber yard.

Local lumber yards typically offer much better pricing on standard lumber used for various home improvement jobs, though you can get discounts on wood by buying scraps or by buying in bulk from Home Depot.

How much is Home Depot haul away?

Home Depot does offer haul-away services when you purchase a new appliance or large item from the store, but only at an additional fee. The fee is $25 per appliance, and Home Depot will only haul away appliances that are disconnected and ready to move.

Home Depot cannot haul away built-in or commercial appliances, per the store policy.

Working at Home Depot

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How do you apply for a job at Home Depot?

There are many ways to apply for a job at Home Depot. You can always walk into the local Home Depot and request a paper application that you can fill out and submit to the store.

You can also fill out an application online through the Home Depot website. Sometimes Home Depot will post available jobs on online job boards as well.

To apply for the job, fill out the application, which is the same whether you are applying in person or online. You will fill out basic information about your name, work experience, and education.

Is Home Depot an at-will employer?

At will employment is legal language that has a specific meaning. This means that the employment of the employee lasts only for an indefinite amount of time and may be terminated at any time by either party, meaning the Home Depot or the employee may end this employment "at will," as in wherever they want to.

Home Depot, like many employees, does reserve the right to terminate employment, and employees at Home Depot have the right to terminate their employment if they desire. This means that yes, Home Depot is at will employment.

Is Home Depot good to work for?

In addition to hourly wages, Home Depot offers an extensive benefits package to employees that includes all standard insurance, paid vacation days, maternity and paternity leave, and many other perks and bonuses.

Many former employees and job reviewers say that Home Depot is a good company to work for, on average.

What is the Home Depot salary?

Because there are a huge variety of jobs available at Home Depot both in the stores, through remote positions, and at various business offices, there's a huge variety of salaries available here. Home Depot pays $20,000 annually for cashiers to over $116,000 a year for outside sales representatives.

On average, employees earn $14.19 per hour working at the Home Depot.

Does Home Depot train its employees?

Home Depot does train employees. In-store employees generally train for a handful of shifts before beginning to work under supervision and later, more independently.

Home Depot also offers training programs to employees who want to learn new skills and perhaps meet the requirements for other positions within the company. For those who want to learn skills in another environment, Home Depot offers a tuition reimbursement program.

Do Home Depot employees get a discount?

Home Depot does not offer an employee discount.

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