Home Door Security: How To Prevent Break-Ins

Home door security is the most effective way to protect your home from burglar break-ins. The doors that provide entry points to your home should be made burglar proof to prevent break-ins. Burglar break-ins are the most common threat to your home security. With the economic downturn, the crime rate involving home break-ins is rising and home security has become an important concern. You can keep the burglars at bay and enhance the security mechanisms for your home doors by executing the following two steps:

Step 1 - Installing Secure Locks for All Types of Doors

  • A secure locking system is the best way to protect your home from an intrusion. Choose a door lock which is made up of strong material, preferably a firm alloy, which cannot be easily destroyed.
  • Make sure that the front door security lock is properly installed on the door. Incorrect fitting will make the front door vulnerable to break-ins.
  • You should consider installing a dual locking system on your front door. The dual locking system has a main lock and a deadbolt for additional protection. For greater security, you can also choose to install multi-point locking systems, with several deadbolts distributed across the door.
  • The locks should be installed on the door in such way that they are not accessible from any window.

Step 2 - Implementing Home Door Security Measures

Front Doors

  • It is important to invest in a front door that is made up of superior wood, fiber glass or metal.
  • To protect your door from kick-ins, reinforce the area surrounding the deadbolt lock by a metal plate.

Sliding Doors

  • Sliding doors usually used for the patio, are an easy target for break-ins because they can be removed from their frame or lifted off their track even if the doors are latched. You can try one of the following methods to prevent someone from lifting your sliding door.

    • Place a screw in the track or install additional bolts on your doors.
    • Place a strong steel rod or a wooden log into the back groove of the sliding door track. The rod stops the door from sliding back and opening.
    • Protect your sliding door with foot locks that have metal rods which extend into the track creating a deadbolt. This prevents the door from being opened or lifted.
  • If the sliding door is mounted on rollers, it is important to ensure that the rollers are robust and do not allow the door to be easily removed from the frame.

Glass Doors

  • Make sure that the glass used in the doors is made of tempered safety glass which is four times stronger than the regular glass.
  • You should consider covering the glass panels on your door with polycarbonate panels, which are very tough to break.