Home Gutters: Installation And Cleaning

hands installing gutter

Home gutters divert water away from a roof and home foundation, preventing leaks and flooding.


With a little assistance, you can install a home gutter system over a weekend. You will probably be able to purchase everything you need to install a gutter system from a large home improvement center or retailer, including the hardware needed to hang the gutter rails from the roof and downspouts.

Before purchasing the system, carefully measure the length of the roofline, including the primary floor and additional levels like a second or third floor. Remember that you will need downspouts for most corners.

Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the downspouts, then the hangers, and then clip the gutter rails into place. It should all snap together with relative ease, particularly if you have assistance to help you get the rails into place.


gloved hands cleaning gutter

Gutters should be cleaned at least once a year and more often if your home is located under trees, in an area with frequent storms, or is subject to leaves and other debris. In some cases, you can purchase gutter guards that cut down on the need to sweep the gutters free from debris. Cleaning your gutters prevents rainwater from damming up and the gutters from overflowing and breaking.