Home Mildew Test Kits

Conducting a home mildew test is important for home maintenance and essential in protecting your family’s health. Mildew can damage wood, paint, clothes, and furniture because the organisms actually eat them! They also cause allergic reactions like asthma and sinusitis and trigger skin irritations like athlete’s foot. Mildew is scary because they are invisible until they have grown to destructive proportions. It is important to regularly monitor their presence, and there are economical home mildew test kits that are widely available.

Home Mildew Test Components

The test comprises collection and analysis. Collection is made by exposing a dish containing a solution that absorbs floating spores. Alternatively, you can use a strip of Scotch tape to lift a sample and then deposit it in a sealed plastic bag. The samples are sent to a lab and the result can be known in 48 hours.

Odor Test

But in case you are not able to go out and buy a home mildew test kit, you can rely on another method—your sense of smell. Mold and mildew emit gas as they digest the material they’re feeding on. If you pick up a musty smell, chances are you are right on the nose about the invaders.