Home Office Desk Lamp Styles And Features

In choosing a home desk lamp the first thing that you have to consider is the condition of your eyes. Indeed the desk lamp that you settle on must be comfortable for your eyes so that study and reading time will be a pleasurable and not a torturous experience. Most of the desk lamps that are on the market currently are fitted with halogen lamps. Though many are comfortable using them, some are not largely due to the intense brightness that these bulbs produce. In addition, halogen lamps are known to cause eye strain courtesy of the slight flickering in the bulb. Some people do prefer halogen lamps because of their ability to focus the light on a designated spot, which can be a book page, thus aiding in concentration.

Home Desk Lamp Designs

That said and done, it is good to know that desk lamps are available in multiple styles and that their features are equally varied. There are four top desk lamp designs that you can choose from and these include the Traditional, Banker, Modern, and Tiffany models. Depending on your tastes and purposes one of these will definitely add a new ambience to your reading space.

The Traditional desk lamp is best for a person who likes to keep it simple. Such a desk lamp immediately communicates a sense of nostalgia about the past. Traditional desk lamps are made using varied themes which include the timeless vine and twig style. Some Traditional desk lamps are quite decorative as well and may feature jeweled fringes.

The Modern desk lamp, as the name suggests, is a new way of creating Traditional desk lamps. While borrowing from the ideals of a Traditional desk lamp, the Modern type also incorporates aspects of functionality, style, and design. This can be seen in the way that both art and science have been blended in their fabrication. Modern desk lamp design options are so varied that it can be hard to settle on one. In such a scenario it would be best to go with your instincts and choosing a lamp that is after your taste.

The Banker desk lamp is also a very nostalgic piece to have in your study. These lamps are quite common in western type movies particularly those which focus on the classical 20s era. The lamps are named for bankers of years past who had to go over their ledgers well into the night. Banker desk lamps are best known for their golden pull lines and green colored glass shades. They are able to muster a warm and suitably bright light over your work area. Nowadays it is common to find Bankers desk lamps that have golden glass shades as opposed to the classic green. Bankers lamps are a good choice for people with home offices.

Perhaps the most stylish of them all are the Tiffany desk lamps. These lamps have bases made of either wood or metal and come with or without extension arms for adjustment. Their shades are most attractive and feature ornate glass decorations.

Matters of convenience also count when choosing a desk lamp. In light of these you can go for a lamp that has adjustable arms to enable you to alter the focus position. You can also buy a touch lamp that enables you to switch it on and off just by depressing the switch affixed to the lamp base.