Home Remedies for Pet Odors

There is nothing more distracting or embarrassing as pet odors in your home. If you want to get rid of the smell but don't want to spend money on commercial or chemical products, try some of these effective pet odor home remedies.


Keep odors out of your home by training your dog or cat. Persistence, patience and a training class will go a long way in maintaining the freshness of your carpet and furniture. Study up on various effective tips and pet training techniques.

Keep an eye on your pet, especially if it is a puppy or kitten. Develop clear communication to let your pet know when and where it's time to go. Expecting a pet to "hold it" until it's convenient for you gets you both off to a difficult start.

If your pet does not have problems with indoor accidents, yet you can still detect a pet odor, check your indoor kennel. Give the kennel a good cleaning at least once a week, or more often if your pet spends time in it every night. Wash that favorite towel or chew toy. If your pet sleeps on some sort of pillow, wash it regularly.

Inspect the door mat or area where your pet comes in from the rain as this could be another place where smells collect. Wash or change these door rugs as needed.

There are 2 levels of damage when it comes to pet odors: offensive smells and offensive spots or soiled areas. The following remedies will work best when applied to fresh accidents. The longer the area remains soiled, the harder it will be to remove the odor.

Home Remedy for Pet Odors

Peroxide is not only good for sterilizing wounds and killing mouth plaque, it can also work wonders on pet odors. Mix 1 part peroxide to 2 parts water and apply it to the soiled area. Do not rub the carpet; instead, allow the peroxide and water mixture to seep into the area for a few minutes. Dab up the moisture by pressing on the spot with a paper towel or cotton cloth.

For another method, mix together:

  • 1 cup water
  • 1/8 cup dishwashing detergent
  • 3 tbsp. vinegar

Mix thoroughly but gently, so as to not create bubbles. Apply to soiled area using the same method as described with the peroxide treatment.

Home Remedy for Pet Stains

If you discover your upholstery or bed has been "accidentally" visited by your pet, immediately spread borax over the area. Gently rub it into the fabric to not only absorb the smell, but pick up the moisture stain as well. Allow the borax to dry, and then vacuum up the dry powder. It may not remove the stain entirely, but it will significantly reduce the smell.