Home Study Furniture: Bookcase with Sliding Ladder

When putting together home study furniture, consider installing custom bookcases with a sliding ladder. A tall bookcase is an attractive and space-saving way to showcase your collection and keep your treasured books in their best condition.

Custom Bookcases

Have bookcases built to fit the specifics of your needs and desires. They can be crafted of strong oak, cherry or ash and fitted with special features like drawers, cabinets and even space for entertainment equipment like speakers. You can also choose unique details like dental molding across the top or other forms of crown moldings to blend in with your existing décor.

Sliding Ladder

If you are creating your own personal library retreat, you probably already have a collection of cherished books that you want to have available for moments of quiet contemplation. A stationary ladder will grant you safe and easy access to hard-to-reach books on the top shelves. While a stationary ladder may be helpful, you will need to pick it up and move it each time you wish to reach a different high shelf. Additionally, you may need to solicit the help of another person to stabilize the ladder in case the tracking feet slip.

Enter the sliding ladder, which is hung with a set of rollers that are installed along a rail—often brass or steel—attached to the bookcases. By design, it can not slide out from under you and cause injury. Some designs are detachable, so a ladder can be lifted from the rail and stored out of sight. Or, if there is a space between 2 or more bookshelves where the rail is interrupted, the ladder can easily be moved.

Finally, a rolling ladder offers the charm and sophistication of an old world library crammed with literary masterpieces.

Converting Existing Bookcases

If you already have bookshelves in your den and want to add a sliding latter to it, look for kits that will simplify your project. Before purchasing a kit, take measurements for your bookshelves, including the height you want the ladder to be and the height where you want the roller bar to be installed. Make sure that your existing bookcases are anchored firmly to the wall before installing any sliding ladder hardware.

Other Applications

Besides being used in home libraries and studies, sliding ladders can also be useful features in garages, closets and even kitchens. Sliding ladders can be installed to allow for easy access to storage cabinets that are located high up along a wall and are difficult to reach.