Home Toilet Repair: Measuring the Correct Size Toilet Wax Ring

toilet and a variety of tools

When it comes to handling home toilet repair, one task that will come up in several different types of projects is replacing the wax ring. Anytime that you pull a toilet out for repairs, new flooring, or any other reason, you should replace the worn wax ring upon reinstallation. When you replace the wax ring, you need to make sure that you get the appropriate size for your situation. To determine the size you need, follow the simple steps below.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

Turn the bowl on its side so that you can see the bottom. Take a tape measure and use it to determine the dimension of the elbow neck. This is where the previous wax ring was installed. This will tell you the diameter of the ring that you need.

Step 2 - Find Thickness

In addition to determining how wide of a wax toilet ring you need, you also need to know how thick. Wax rings come in standard sizes, but some are double thickness. If the toilet flange under your toilet is below the flooring level, you will need to get a double thick wax ring. If the flange is perfectly level with the flooring surface, you will then only need to purchase a standard wax ring.