Home Trends to Forget in 2018

An outdated oak kitchen.

It’s a new year, which means motivation to make changes and updates around the house. With that comes many decisions about what materials and colors to use in your home makeovers. After all, if this is the kitchen remodel of the decade, you don’t want it to be outdated before you even start. Planning is a key element in any project, so consider what trends may be on their way out before committing to another grey room or hardwood flooring. Here are some home design ideas that may fade into the woodwork before your paint is dry. Best avoid them!

1. Oak Anything

It might be because there are so many other wood options now—bamboo, fast-growing poplar, and hardwoods from around the world—but oak is out. Unlike the homes from the 1990s dressed head to toe in honey oak, today’s home is updating to darker or lighter varieties that create a statement and contrast. Think about it; when was the last time you saw a brand new oak entertainment center, rolling microwave cart, desk, or bookcase? The same goes for trim, flooring, and doors.

2. Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring with water droplets on it.

Hardwood floors were the backbone of historical American homes for a reason—they stood the test of time against harsh elements and the daily wear of a household. But, they also need a lot of maintenance in the form of refinishings. They show scratches from pet claws and do not handle water well. Today, we have advanced technology in the game offering a range of products that give the wood look without the upkeep.

3. Carpet

Of course, carpet is still a popular option for flooring as evidenced by the displays in every corner of a flooring store. But more and more, builders and homeowners alike are moving away from the padded tufts in favor of easy-to-maintain options such as composite flooring. (Want to remove yours? Here's how.)

4. Chevron Prints

A collection of pillows in different patterns.

The fad was here, there, and everywhere. On everything from clothing to textiles, chevron print was the top selling design for the past few years. But the ship has sailed. When choosing your curtains, throw pillows, and area rugs, avoid the familiar grey and white zigzag in favor of a traditional print, subtle pattern, or striking hue.

5. Office in the Kitchen

If you’re considering a remodel or are building a home, avoid creating a nook or desk dedicated to an office workstation in your kitchen. The kitchen is the hub of social and family activity, which makes it difficult to disguise the mess on a desk and to actually get anything done. In addition, there has been a colossal increase in the number of work-from-home freelancers and telecommuting employees. This means that it's no longer enough to have a niche in the kitchen carved out for paying bills. The home office now needs to be a designated space large enough (and quiet enough) to get the work done.

6. Stainless Steel

Cleaning a stainless steel microwave.

Stainless steel appliances had their time in the limelight for many, many years. The trend is passing as new materials and options flood the marketplace. If you like the look, you could go with a slate. A matte finish hides fingerprints and offers easy clean-up. You can also expect to see more stainless black appearing throughout the kitchen and laundry room appliances for many of the same reasons.

7. Phone Jacks, Cable, and Wiring

Technology is changing with each night of sleep. This means that modern houses hold remnants of old technology in most rooms. If your DIY project involves wiring or cables of any type, think about how long it will be needed or useful and upgrade to the newest version now. After all, how many people still have a landline?

8. Copper and Brass

A copper oven hood.

Sorry to those who rode the recent craze for copper. From bathroom faucets to lighting fixtures, the accent has been around for a few seasons. However, it seems to be a flash in the pan as decorators move away from it as a hot trend. Brass celebrated its heyday a while ago, yet it keeps cropping back up as an option. We believe this trend is short lived. There are lots of other metal finishes and materials out there. Don’t get caught up in in the warm metal hype or you’ll be redecorating again before the ball drops on 2018.

9. Muted Tones

Natural tones are always popular for some areas of the house. For example, grey has dominated every room as well as the outside of the house as a color choice for several years now. In the past, muted tones on the walls were counterbalanced by color in the decor. Then, the trend moved to soft tones throughout the room. We think people are ready to bring a little color back into their lives. So whether you choose to put the color on the wall or contrast it in the textiles and furniture, we think the all-neutral trend will be passing by like the grey clouds above.

Home improvement requires a substantial amount of planning. This means contemplating what’s in and what’s not. It’s important to at least consider the trends, especially if you have any thoughts of selling any time soon. Of course, in the end, it’s your home. Do what makes the space personal to you and enjoy it!