Home Water Slide Construction From Scratch

What You'll Need
Drill (masonry)
Heavy duty screwdriver

Putting together a home water slide from scratch can seem like a daunting task. However, if you follow these steps, you will build your house water slide in a timely, professional and safe manner.

Step 1 – Prepare the Ground

Make sure that the area you are working in is clean, dry and free from obstructions.

Step 2 – Assemble all of the Fixtures and Fittings

Check off the list of parts included from the manufacturer. It is best to do this before you begin, than have to make an angry phone call half way through the job!

Step 3 – Join the “Slide” Parts Together

If you have purchased a large home water slide, the fiberglass part will come in two or more sections. The sections fit together by overlapping the top of the edge of the higher part with the bottom “lip” of the lower part. The fit should be tight, so that the join is smooth on the top. Repeat this process for as many sections as the slide has.

Step 4 – Assemble the Frame

If the home water slide is a particularly high one, it may be easier to assemble on its side. Once you are confident that you have put the right parts in the right places, go around every nut and bolt of the residential water slide and tighten every one. This is of paramount importance, as the structural integrity and therefore safety of the equipment depends on it being securely joined together.

Step 5 – Fix the Frame to the Floor

There are a variety of methods of fixing house water slides to the floor. Some kits provide plates which can be cemented down, with fittings which match the bottom of the frame. Other frames just have large “feet” with holes, so that the do-it-yourself enthusiast can drill his own poolside and fix the slide down accordingly.

If your home water slide comes with a plate to be cemented in, please take care to wait until it has fully set before using the slide. Finally, before fixing the frame to the floor, check that the structure is level.

Step 6 – Fix the Slide to the Frame

Now the “slide” part can be fixed on. Make sure that it is fastened down tightly, to ensure that the slide is safely joined together. If the home water slide comes with a water supply feature, attach this now too.