Installing Home Window Film

Installing home window film is an easy and inexpensive way to add privacy in a room while increasing its curb appeal. Installing home window film is easy. Large sheets of window film may require two people to apply.

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Step 1–Measure the window
Measure the height and width of each glass panel in a window. Home window film is applied to each pane individually

Step 2–Clean the window
Start with a window cleaner to remove any grime from the window glass. When the glass is cleaned, use a straight edge to clean any residue from the edges and corners. Squeegee the glass to remove cleanser residue.

Step 3–Cut the film
Home window film comes in sheets that must be cut to fit the window. Trim the film to allow 1-inch overhang on each side. Add two inches to the height and width measurements to get the overhang.

Step 4–Remove the backing liner
Home window film comes affixed to a backing liner to protect the adhesive. To remove the film from the liner, apply a piece of transparent tape to each side of the film and pull apart quickly. Wet your fingers thoroughly with wetting solution to avoid leaving fingerprints on the home window film.

Step 5–Apply the film
First, wet the window thoroughly. Some home window films come with a setting solution. A DIY setting solution can be made with several drops of dish detergent in a quart of water.

When the window is thoroughly wetted, apply the home window film to the window, taking care to avoid creases or air bubbles.

Of the window is wider than the film sheet, create a seam as you would when joining wallpaper. Overlap the two sheets and carefully slice down the center of the overlap with a razor blade.

Step 6–Smooth the window film
Thoroughly wet the back of the home window film to avoid tearing the home window film as you smooth it out. Some home window film kits come with squeegees for removing the air bubbles. You can also use a credit card or window squeegee. Start from the center of the window and work toward the edges to remove the air bubbles.

Step 7–Trim the window film
Using a razor blade or knife, carefully trim the edges of the window film along the edge of the glass. Take care not to cut the glazing compound that holds the glass in the frame.

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