Homemade Christmas Ornaments

Everyone likes homemade Christmas ornaments and there are many different types to make. These projects can be done with the children.

Bread Dough Ornaments

Bread dough ornaments are a fun project for the entire family. For these ornaments you will need: 1 1/2 cups salt, 4 cups flour, cookie cutters, 1 1/3 cups warm water, acrylic paints in colors you like, and spray sealant (shiny looks best).

Dissolve the salt in the warm water and mix with the flour. Roll out the resulting dough on a floured board. Use cookie cutters to make designs. Make a hole in each ornament with a drinking straw for the hanger. Bake at 300 degrees until hard. Paint as desired. Try coloring the dough with dark coffee or tea to imitate gingerbread. Use peppercorns or cloves for the eyes and buttons. Small seed beads make good fake sugar.

Pine Cone Ornaments

Bird feeders ornaments are nice Christmas ornaments for outside. Mix peanut butter with birdseed and put a thick coating on a large pine cone. Hang it from a ribbon and the birds will love their own Christmas decoration. You can also make baskets by filling half an orange peel with the mixture and hang it from a ribbon handle.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

A quick and easy ornament project is to cut snowflakes from coffee filters. They are already round and the pleated part makes the flakes take on a ruffled look. Fold them in half, then in half again and then half again, cut your design and unfold. You can press them to smooth them out.