Homemade Costume Wings

What You'll Need
4 wire hangers
Wire cutter
Duct tape
4 knee high socks
Colored fabric of your choice
Acrylic spray paint

A homemade costume for either Halloween or a game of dress-up is a craft that is fulfilling, easy, and inexpensive. If you are attending a costume party why not make a costume yourself? Several ideas that you could use include an angel, demon, or fairy. This article will show you how to make your own pair of wings.

Step 1 - Base Frame

Start with two of the four hangers. Use the wire cutters to remove the hook from the hangers at the point where the spiral metal begins, but leaving enough so that the hanger retains its shape. On the last two wire hangers use the pliers and grip the hook. Bend the hook to the left on one hanger and to the right on the last hanger.

Place the hangers with bent hooks next to each, evenly line them up, then duct tape them together. Now, place the other two hangers underneath the fist two, overlap the connecting edges, then duct tape in place. Each side of the wing should be the mirror image of the other. With them secured together, you can now bend the hangers into the shape you want.

Step 2 - Finishing the Base Frame

With the wire frame complete, you will now reinforce the wings to make them more solid. Place one nylon knee high sock over each wing section. Pull each sock tight toward the center. Spin the wings in order to twist the nylon then tie a knot close to the base. Use a scissors to remove the excess. Spray the entire wing assembly with polyurethane. The nylon material will essentially be glued to the wire frame as well as to the other side of the wing.

Step 3 - The Arm Bands

In order to wear the wings, you will need to make arm bands. To do this, use elastic and velcro. Each arm band will be one 10-inch long piece of elastic and two sets of velcro. Glue the velcro to the ends of the elastic. Make two horizontal slits on each wing, 3-inches apart, the width of the elastic. Thread each end of elastic through the slits so that they form a loop when you connect one side.

Step 4 - Finishing the Wings

At this point, the wings are essentially done except for the adornments and covering. Spray the wings with a thin base of polyurethane then affix one piece of colored fabric to the wing. Trim off the excess and cut slits as you did previously for the arm bands. You can have the fabric be smooth and neat or wrinkled in areas to give them an organic look. Any fabric can be used including lace. Add such things as glitter or glued on shapes to get your desired result.