Homemade Decorations for Your Bedroom

Personalize your bedroom with your own homemade decorations. The bedroom is more than just a place to sleep: it is your personal oasis, a space to relax, rest, read and cuddle. Get creative to make a cozy atmosphere that will promote peace of mind and relaxation without spending hundreds of dollars.

Walls and Artwork

You don’t need to repaint all your walls to give them a fresh new look. Simply paint one wall in a complementary color. If you have some old photo frames, give them a makeover with a spray paint. Choose pictures of flowers, Japanese hieroglyphs, an eccentric motif or any other theme to fit the decor. Frame the images and organize them on the wall as a separate focus point.

Alternatively, you can select pictures in 2 distinct colors—or even black and white—and place their frames in a chessboard pattern. You can also create a unique and artistic mirror out of small pieces of mirror. Arrange them in a pattern of your choice, leaving 1 to 1½ inches between each piece, and stick them on the wall with a glue gun.

If you are adept at sewing, create an embroidered frame for a nature scene and mount above the bed. This will give a nice cozy feeling to the room.

Curtains and Bedspread

Select a fabric you like as a central color scheme for your bedroom, and use these shades to create your own curtains and a bedspread. Use the remaining fabric to renovate your old cushions by fitting them with covers.

With the help of a non-flammable material in a similar color, you can even makeover your lampshades. First, measure the lampshade by rolling it sideways over a piece of paper, carefully marking the bottom and the top widths with a pencil. Leave an extra inch on each side. Place the paper on top of the fabric and cut your pattern. Use some fabric spray adhesive or a glue gun adhere the material onto the lampshade.

For another interesting addition to your bedroom, remodel an old door into a headboard. Repaint it and place sideways behind the bed frame, fixing it with bolts to the base of the bed, or suspend from the wall above with screws and hanging brackets.

Vases, Bowls and Candles

A centerpiece on your chest of drawers or nightstand might be just that special touch to make your room cozy. Just use acrylic or glass paints to turn an old plain glass vase, jar or bottle into a brand new art piece.

Make some homemade potpourri from your favorite flowers. Add some scents using essential oils and dried pinecones (these can be painted with a can spray), and arrange them in a bowl.

To set a romantic mood, place homemade candles around the room. They are easy and fun to make with a few easy-to-find materials:

  • Wax
  • Wax mold
  • Wicks
  • Scent
  • Paints

For the mold, you can use anything that is heat-resistant and does not leak, like an old soda can or a bottle. Make sure that the paints and scents are suitable for candle making. With some imagination, you can make the candles in any shape, color or scent with details like seashells, leaves or coffee beans.

Your Unique Bedroom

Homemade decorations will not only give your bedroom a unique look, but they are also fun to make. They contribute to the feeling of a more intimate atmosphere in which you will be surrounded with items created with love and imagination.