Honeywell Alarm

A number of Honeywell alarm systems are available for installation in homes, small businesses and other properties. Wireless and hardwired systems from Honeywell Ademco both offer a unique and convenient approach to home security. Giving you complete control of dozens of different zones, a Honeywell alarm can effectively monitor every area of your home and property. Using a system of wireless or wired transmitters and detectors, you can be sure of everything that is happening in and around your home. And with the easy-to-use graphic keypad, monitoring and control is both intuitive and fast.

Hardwired Systems

Honeywell Ademco's Vista 10P, 15P and 20P hardwired alarm systems provide total security solutions for your home. A number of hardwire zones come standard with the different systems. From there, Vista security systems are expandable according to the model. The Vista 20P system, for example, can expand to monitor up to 48 hardwired and/or wireless zones with optional modules. Vista systems are compatible with up to 16 output devices, relays and X10 modules. The viewable TouchCenter log stores between 32 and 100 events with time and date, so you know exactly what is going on in your home.

Wireless Systems

The LYNXR wireless systems from Honeywell serve numerous functions from a single multipurpose unit. Control panel, keypad, siren, dialer and 2-way voice system in one, the LYNXR2-KT100 is the most comprehensive unit. Capable of monitoring up to 40 wireless zones, LYNXR wireless systems support 2-way dialog between the premises and a central station when the alarm has sounded. Operational features aside, wireless system installation is much less complicated that hardwire setup.


Among the features of both hardwired and wireless security systems are the support of multiple X10 devices, programming of up to 48 user codes, easy-to-read LCD display with soft-touch keypad, alarm signaling support via an Internet Protocol communicator, built-in phone line and support of multiple 2- or 4-wire smoke detectors.