Honeywell Security Alarm

With many different products to choose from, Honeywell security alarm setups include both hardwired and wireless systems. Each system offers a different level of control in terms of how many zones may be monitored. Hardwired security systems produced by Ademco for Honeywell feature IP compatibility, ensuring independent communication between each monitor and the control panel. Wireless systems require no messy setup and are multipurpose units in themselves. Honeywell Ademco LYNXR wireless systems contain a control panel, keypad, dialer, 2-way voice system, siren and speakerphone in a single unit.

LYNXR and Vista Systems from Honeywell

Honeywell wireless systems such as the LYNXR2-KT100 will support up to 40 wireless zones using various wireless motion sensors and transmitters. It features an internal 85 dBA sounder and siren, includes a single hardwired zone and supports alarm signaling through an IP communicator. Vista hardwired security alarms are fully expandable to monitor up to 48 zones. Complete 10P, 15P and 20P Vista systems come with a separate siren, motion detector, keypad and control panel.

Alarm Features

A Honeywell security alarm features a family message center with record and playback functions, can be controlled remotely by touchtone phone and is programmable for single-button control. With its full X10 device support, the security system can activate lights, garage doors and even appliances with the single touch of a button.