Horizontal Or Vertical Blinds For A Patio Door?

If you are looking for some ideas on a new look, horizontal or vertical blinds for a patio door might be the change you need. Of course, you should know the pros and cons of each in order to make the right choice for you and your home.

The Benefits of Horizontal Patio Door Blinds

Horizontal blinds are a great option if you only want to open one side of the blinds on the slider door and leave the other side closed. Horizontal blinds can also come in the type that open from the top and roll down so you can let the sunshine in without compromising your privacy. 

Some options for horizontal blinds are wood slats, vinyl, and honeycomb. The honeycomb, or cellular, blinds are great for keeping the home insulated and energy efficient. They come in single, double or triple cell versions.

The downsides of Horizontal Blinds for Patio Doors

Horizontal blinds are not always a great option for sliding patio doors. This is a particularly poor option if you want a one piece blind. The weight of the blinds would not do well going up and down across the whole patio door. Even going with a two piece set has disadvantages. If you have pets or children, the slats will most likely create a hazard, particularly the sharp edges of metal blinds. 

The Plus Side of Vertical Blinds

You can also choose sliding panel track type blinds which are overlapping fabric panels that glide effortlessly on a wheeled track system. You can choose woven wood, solar screen or patterned fabric materials.

Solar Shades are a great option as far as vertical patio door coverage; especially for windows with a view. The view will not be compromised by too much coverage yet there will be improved energy efficiency and a reduction in sun glare. These are made of a synthetic mesh fabric, much like screen. 

You do have the option of going electric, which makes it easier for opening and closing the blinds and saves on the wear and tear. With just the flip of a switch you can open the blinds, no worries. 

Cons of Vertical Patio Door Blinds

Too much back and forth with this type of system can cause damage and cord breakage because of the sheer weight. There is only the option of back and forth, little variance for keeping the sun and elements in or out, depending on what the needs are.