Horse Care: Making a Cheap Portable Corral

What You'll Need
Horse Panels
Post Hole Diggers
Panel Pins
Bailing Wire
T Posts

horse portable corral is a great way for you to keep your horses contained no matter where they are. There is a way to make your own to save you quite a bit of money.

Step 1 – T Posts

Begin by driving T posts into the ground where you wish to have your portable corral. Once they are in the ground you will need to attach them to your panels for stability.

Step 2  Panels

Stand the panels up and use your panel pins to connect them. Whenever the pins are put into place you will need to use bailing wire to secure the pins.

Step 3 – Wire

Using one wire that will go in the middle will be fine for a portable corral. Any extra wire that you may have will need to be completely cut off, as it could be dangerous to the horse.

Step 4 – Wiring Buckets

A temporary corral will be able to use either plywood or wiring to attach buckets to the panels. Wiring buckets is much easier to do.