Horse Stable Accessories: How to Build a Saddle Rack

What You'll Need
2 pieces 1x12-inch wood planks, 25 inches in length
Wood Marker
Measuring Tape
Small Saw
5 pieces of 1x6-inch board, 25 inches in length
Tool Box

If you own a horse, stable accessories are part of your regular expenses. Saddles need to be kept in proper saddle racks to ensure that they retain their shape and size and don’t lose their shape over time. Unfortunately, not many local stores sell horse-related accessories and furniture. Fortunately, making one yourself is an easy undertaking. Saddle racks can be made at home by using pinewood or old unused wood planks. The method is simple and the expenses involved are almost negligible.

Step 1: Making the Ends

The first step is to make the two ends of the saddle rack. For this, join the two 1x12 inch wooden planks together using adhesive.

Step 2: Make Markings

Use a marker to make a mark at the center of the narrow section of the joined woods. Measure 3 inch on both sides of the center mark and make two more impressions.

Step 3: Measure Sides of Wood

Use measuring tape to measure 8 inches lengthwise on both sides of the wood and make an impression at that point. Join both the points by drawing a diagonal line on the upper part of the wood.

Step 4: Cut Along the Markings

Use a small saw to cut along the diagonal line made in step three. Ensure that you cut the lines in a straight way as this wood gives the wood saddle rack the desired shape.

Step 5: Using a Driller

Use a driller to make holes at either end of the1x6-inch wooden planks Ensure that the holes are made leaving a space of 1 inch from the narrow ends on both sides. Do so with four planks and clamp them together in twos, so that you have two such sets.

Step 6: Placing the Wood Planks

Place the diagonal cut wood planks on the work area and connect them with the holed 1x6 inch wooden plank set, which was clamped in step 5. Ensure that you do this with extreme care; as otherwise, the wood may split during the nailing process.

Step 7: Joining the Wooden Planks

Join the wooden planks together with screws.

Step 8: Attaching the Other Plank Set

Attach another 1x6-inch plank set on the other side of the plank. Ensure that symmetry is maintained in both sides. Turn around the diagonal piece and repeat the process for opposite side.

Step 9: Attaching the Last Wooden Plank

Once, both sides are completed, take the last 1x6-inch wooden plank, and attach it on the top side of the diagonal plank. Ensure that the plank is attached in an upright position. Check all sides to ensure that the wood pieces are attached at 90-degree angles for symmetry purpose. 

Expert Tip

You can carve out small handles from the leftover piece of wood, attach them on the two sides for better support, and to enhance the look.