Horse Stable Equipment: Cleaning Supplies

Good horse stable equipment is an investment you cannot ignore. It will help keep your horse comfortable and healthy. The right equipment also goes a long way to make stable maintenance an easier job. With the correct assortment of items, you’ll be able to do a more effective job whenever you have to clean the stable. Several items are used for stable maintenance as well as feed the horses. Below are some of the basic items you’ll need to clean the stable.

Cleaning Detergents

Be sure to use a detergent that will not cause allergic reactions to your horses. Baking soda works well as both a cleaner and disinfectant. You should also use bleach to clean the stable equipment so that it prevents any infections. Bleach can also be used to disinfect the stable. Once thoroughly cleaned, pine oil can be mixed with water and used for odor control.


A lot of dirt is generated when you clean the stable. A long, sturdy broom comes in handy when you have to collect the dirt. It can also be used to clear cobwebs in the stable. You’ll also need a scrubbing brush when you have to thoroughly clean stable walls and doors.


Due to the heavy-duty cleaning involved, a metal rake works better than plastic. A metal rake is sturdy and effective. The area outside the stable tends to accumulate many leaves and much debris, especially during wet weather. A metal rake is most effective in clearing this dirt. Metal rakes are also useful when you have to clear horse debris from inside the stable.


A pitchfork can be used to remove soiled bedding and straw in the stable. When you have to lay out new straw, use a pitchfork to fluff the bedding. Use a shavings fork if shavings or sawdust are used for bedding.


This comes in handy when you have to clear the wet bedding from the stable. Sometimes it is easier to scoop the saturated bedding with a shovel than use a fork. The shovel can also be used to scrape remnants of soiled bedding more effectively than a fork. However, shovels may be used in conjunction with forks. This will help you clear the stable floor faster.


You’ll find this an indispensable item for stable maintenance. It is used to carry the horse waste and used bedding away from the stable. If possible, obtain a wheelbarrow with a plastic bed. A plastic bed will withstand the effects of corrosion much better than a metal bed. Ammonia from the urine-saturated bedding can cause corrosion on metal surfaces. Be sure to get a wheelbarrow that is large enough to carry good amounts of material. This will save you from having to make too many trips back and forth. It will also boost your productivity during work. It is also a good idea to get a wheelbarrow with two wheels at the front. This gives added stability, especially when fully loaded.