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Whether you’re riding a little street rocket or a big touring bike, you need a place to park it when you’re not on the road. There are a few DIY solutions for a motorcycle shelter, and several things to consider, including cost, permanence, how much work you want to do and what you want to protect your investment from. The Forum rides and builds, so they can help you sort it out.

Original Post: Bike shed

BikersSpirit Member

Wow, this forum seems like a perfect place for me to ask what I've been musing about these last few days. It combines bikers AND DIY point of view.

Anyway, I was thinking about getting a new shelter for my Honda GL 1500, and I'm in a dilemma regarding what kind of shed to get. At first I thought it natural to build a solid one, but then I found this while browsing the web for a solution: ShelterLogic 6x6x6.5 E-Series Motorcycle Shed Review | Motorcycle sheds

Now, I would like to ask both worlds - builders, as well as bikers, what would you chose? Do you have one of these and why would you choose that?

P. S. - I'm a bit more inclined towards building a solid shed, but do you think that it's worth all the effort for that project?

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marksr Forum Topic Moderator

I like stuff that lasts! A solid built shed with proper maintenance can basically last forever. A temporary structure might be cheap and easy but will have a limited life span - sooner or later the elements will destroy it.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

I'm with marksr. Go for the solid, more permanent shed. The fabric one you linked will work to protect against sun and rain for a few years but it does have a very limited life span. It will also do almost nothing for theft prevention or protect it from really severe weather.

guy48065 Member

Those tarp shelters don't offer any protection against vermin ( the tall 2-legged kind or the small multi-legged) are hot in the summer, and don't breathe to control condensation. Not the kind of environment I'd want to store anything of value.

kinderman Member

I'm with these guys. That bike is big & heavy, doors on each end is a must. Drive in drive out.

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