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Live Thread: What is the meaning of amber/orange light on GFCI outlet?

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vikasintl - Member

What is the meaning of amber / orange light on GFCI outlet?

Well I have an GFCI outlet in back of the house and it is first and close to panel in the circuit.... now I made a mistake and on the line side I wrongly put hot wire in where white was suppose to go and vice versa...put the white wire in where black was suppose to go ...

and also another problem ...downstream I have another outlet in this circuit and there was a mistake in wiring ...

but now they are corrected...

but when I push the test button on GFCI outlet it shows amber or orange color .. and I have the same brand and same model no. outlet inside the house and when I push the test button it turns yellow while this outlet in question outside turns amber or orange...

does it mean its defective?

chandler - Former Member

You did correct the line side wiring, right? I don't think the color of the light would mean anything. After tripping, they both reset, is that correct?

PJmax - Group Moderator

As far as I know the lights are useless.

On some it means tripped, on others it means ok and on others it comes on if the GFI is defective.

pcboss - Forum Topic Moderator

Depends on the brand as p said.

vikasintl - Thread Starter

Yes after tripping it reset and work well ... But my confusion is... When I check same brand and model no. Gfci inside the house... It shows yellow color

Msradell - Member

They just happen to have a better price on Amber LEDs when they were building that one and had a better price on Yellow LEDs when they were building the other one. At the previous posters have stated the color of the lights is completely meaningless and there is no correlation from one brand to another as to what the lights mean. Many times the meanings change even between models from the same manufacturer.

vikasintl - Thread Starter

But both outlets are from sane box... I had 3 pieces in one box that I bought from is mfg by copper devices.

ray2047 - Member

Just because they are in the same box doesn't mean they were manufactured at the same time with the same parts by the same manufacturer. In Asia it isn't uncommon for manufacturing to be subcontracted out to small even "mom and pop" companies. Then they probably are sent unpackaged to a company that packages them.

Once installed a dozen or more ceiling fans in a dance place that were all bought at the same time from Home Depot but you could see slight differences between some of them. Hardware like screws were slightly different. As I recall there were three or four distinct slightly different groups apparently from different factories using different part sources.

pcboss - Forum Topic Moderator

If you have the package it should have instructions that tell what the LED means.

Handyone - Member

I've installed many GFCI's over the years and have never seen one to where the indicator light changes color due to wrong wiring or malfunction.

Your GFCI is similar to a SmartLockPRO™, it is shipped in a tripped state and won't reset unless wired properly. The light indicates power is present.

If you reverse line and load or hot and neutral, the GFCI will not reset.

Review the instructions wirepuller posted. Push the test button, which will shut off downstream power (load). Review which receptacles are off when GFCI is tripped. If there are any GFCI's downstream from this one, they can be replaced with a regular receptacle and a GFCI protected sticker.

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