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Some DIY questions aren’t dire, but can haunt you, keep you up at night and cause heated debates at the dinner table or local watering hole. One such question is the mystery of the three-way bulb. Think you know if it defaults to low, medium or high in a standard outlet? Place your bets and scroll down for the definitive answer from the Forum.

Original Post: 3-way light bulbs

Norm201 Member

Can anybody give me a definitive answer to this question? If using a 3 way light bulb (30-50-100 watt for instance) in a single switch light socket which filament will be activated using the light switch? I'm saying the highest wattage (100 watt), but others are saying the mid-range.

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PJmax Forum Topic Moderator

It's always the low wattage plus the medium wattage equals the high wattage.
50-100-150 or 40-60-100 or 100-200-300.

Hot Topics, Answer This Light Bulb Trivia

So to answer your question... it's the medium wattage that will be on when using a standard socket.

Norm201 Member

Thanks, PJ. I've been asked that question on several occasions by customers and I always told them I think the mid-range but was not sure. Now I am.

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