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Original Post: Honda Odyssey AC not working

MSW777 - Member

The AC front and rear started blow warm air all of a sudden in our 2003 Odyssey EX w/auto climate control w/65,000 miles. Fan blows but only on high in the front and it is warm. Fan speed operates normally in rear but blows warm. After starting the engine the compressor kicks on for 1-2 seconds and then shuts off. 80 degree day low side 90 psi /high side 145 psi. I tried putting in a can of freon but the system will not take it & I can not get the compressor to to stay on long enough to take the charge? Any suggestions?


HotxxxxxxxOKC - Former Member

This could be an issue with the control panel. Your control panel is not sending the signal to the compressor to kick on. Usually it takes a computer diagnosis to see if the panel is working correctly.

ukrkoz - Former Member

You need to check pressure specs for your AC. if you overcharge the system, it shuts itself down.

Otherwise, sounds like hotinokc has right train of thoughts. if it worked fine yesterday, and is not today—AC does not die in a second, it's a slow fail. unless your clutch fried, but it kicks in.

Why do i have that feeling that your system is overcharged and compressor simply can't turn it?

Btw, you have serpentine or separate AC belt? on 2003 Honda there should be a marker on tension pully, so that you can check if belt is not stretched. if it is -...... compressor is hack of hard to turn.

MSW777 - Thread Starter

It was the Transistor..

HotinOKC you where spot on. It was the Transistor Assembly

PN # 79330-S84-A41 $50 from Honda. 10 minute replacement.


BWMoore - Member

Honda Odessey AC not working

Thanks MSW777 for the Honda Part Number. I had the same problem with my 2003 ODYSSEY. A little internet research revealed others have had the same issue with the identical solution as you found. Thanks for sharing! This ended up being a quick fix for me too, at only $51.45 + tax. I know it would have cost $300.00 had I chosen to have this 10 minute job done at the dealership or garage.

For reference: AutoZone carries a "Blower Motor Resistor" (PN #JA1428) which is actually the same part as the Honda "Transistor" (PN # 79330-S84-A41). Go to the Autozone website and type in the part number for a picture.

The Honda "Transistor" part had the same "DENSO" brand and "Made in Japan" embossed on the part as the stock part I removed. Special note: The AutoZone "Duralast" brand "Blower Motor Resistor" part will cost you $73.00 and it has to be ordered!! So, I saved another $20.00 by going to the dealership and finishing the job the same day!!!!

DLG54 - Member

Where is transistor located, and how to change it.


blind jon - Member

Heads up , Hi low side pressure indicates a blockage.

The compress is very likely failing and debris is stuck in the expansion valve. If the system has been open lately it may only be Ice, if so then Vac it down and recharge. The vac down should be for at least 20 min.

NFRNO - Member

Part suggested worked perfectly!!

Thanks for the part number with the solution. It worked perfectly. The part cost more at the dealership I went to, about $65 but I was able to finish everything from leaving my house, buying the part and installing it in the parking lot and driving home with a working AC in less than an hour. I was cooking in the Hawaii sun and traffic for the past couple of days.

Note: The location on my 2001 Honda Odyssey EX was a little different than the model year on the youtube video but it was more toward the passenger door kick panel. You need a stubby screwdriver or a flexible tip to work in the confined area but it was fine.

Also, make sure to know your model, the parts counter person said there are different parts for the EX vs the (LX?) model. I can't confirm this but I have the EX so the part listed (PN # 79330-S84-A41) matches great for me.


Negofla - Member

Good info

Thanks Guys. My AC went out this Am in sunny Florida Temp is over 90 and humidity is about 10000%. followed the tips, bought the part from a dealer ($68.00 incld tax).

Took a bit of effort to fix (tough for us old fat guys to get in there) but was well worth the time and money saved. The video was very helpful, showed the sypmtoms and parts. Besides a screwdriver it is helpful to have a box wrench for that machine screw closest to the fender well.

kpstrat35 - Member

Here's Hoping

I have the same symptoms as described above in a 2001 Odyssey EX. It only blows hot air when on fan level 5. I am out of town and won't be home for three more days so the wife and kids will just have to ride in the nasty FL heat until I get home and can try the fix listed here—new transistor. I'll post later if it works.

xbpyl - Member

Honda Odyssey 2007 AC

My AC just went off during a trip, it was working fine and suddenly only hot air coming out, I took it to a Austin Shop and want to charge me 1,500 for new compressor and clutch, they checked the pressure and freon and are ok. An idea where I should go or ask first?

kpstrat35 - Member

Transistor Part Number

It is Sunday and therefore the dealer is not open - so I ask my question here. I had my wife by the blower transistor with the given part number but it is the wrong one. The number on the old one was 077800-0491 and the number on the new one is 077800-0492. There are four fins on the new one and only two fins on the old one.

Any one know if these are interchangeable? I only ask because the dealership is about 45 minutes away and I don't want to have to drive back and exchange.

hanseric - Member

Did it work?

"It is Sunday and therefore the dealer is not open - so I ask my question here. I had my wife by the blower transistor with the given part number but it is the wrong one. The number on the old one was 077800-0491 and the number on the new one is 077800-0492. There are four fins on the new one and only 2 fins on the old one.

Any one know if these are interchangeable? I only ask because the dealership is about 45 minutes away and I don't want to have to drive back and exchange."

Did you get this working? I have a 2002 Odyssey and need to replace this part too, it seems (from reading here), so I want to do it. But I got a full time job and four little kids so want to make sure I git'er done right the first time.

How do I make sure I have the right part number for my '02 for this part? And is it just one part or two? Thanks!

mikesheldon - Member

Had you checked for the compressor belt i.e. the serpentine belt.It could have worn out hence making the compressor not to work.If this is not the problem check out the AC coolant. Good Luck!!!

wmverdon - Member


I realize this post is old, but thank you so much for it. This same issue happened to me yesterday and my husband found this and fixed it! WOOOOO HOOOOOO

superchunk - Member


I had the exact same issue as this thread and it saved me potentially tons of money in taking it to a mechanic who would have searched for the issue, potentially even diagnosing the wrong thing.

My AC was also not working. The system would only start for a few seconds and shut off and the front only blew hot air when it was maxed out. Rear blew perfectly no matter what, just hot.

Cost me $67 after tax from my local Honda dealer, same part number as above for the 2003 Odyssey EX and took me, a novice, about 15mins to change due to back screw being a little hard to get to. Had to use a small socket to reach it accurately.

Thank God too as I'm in AZ and temps are over 100 daily. WAY too hot to be without AC.

Thanks again and we must keep this thread open for future people.

neanerbeaner - Member

My husband had no problem fixing our air. It worked just as you said. What a time and money saver!

helpacnotworkin - Member

How does transistor assembly differ from ac control panel?

Had a mechanic tell me the AC power control panel is not working; it is not communicating with compressor. Called Honda for part - quoted a price of $532.40 just for the part. (2001 Odyssey) The symptoms sound the same as those listed...would be thrilled if a $50 part will fix it.

wbellis - Member

Thought I Had the Same Problem, but There's Something More . . .

Hello all, and many thanks for sharing the information in this thread.

The AC in my 2002 Honda Odyssey EX with auto climate stopped working suddenly. The symptoms appeared to be the same as those listed here. The front fan did not work except on high. Rear fan okay. But all blown air was HOT. Repair shop said freon full and pressures okay.

After reading the posts, I bought the Honda Transistor assembly from my local Honda dealer for $75 plus tax. It was 102 degrees here yesterday, and going to triple digits again today.

Installed the part yesterday sweating profusely in the tight quarters. Turned on the vehicle and tested it. Thought at first all was working fine. The front fan is now working normally, but after a few seconds it became clear the air being blown is still HOT.


ravensgirl2 - Member


OMG. I cannot believe my luck. I was ready to fork over big bucks to the Honda dealer, or my mechanic. they both gave me all sorts of possibilities but no one mentioned the transmitter. Googled and found this. The video really helped . My transmitter (2003 Odessy EX) was in the far right corner under the dashboard on the passenger side. I used the new one to figure out where the screws were, because they were obstructed by a set of wires. My kids laughed at me but I got the part and replaced it in 10 minutes. It worked! I spent $66.00. Thank, thank you, thank you.

dinavia - Member

We are traveling in the heat and the air comes out fully, but only warm/hot air. It just suddenly went out. Took van to a local mechanic my family knows and he is replacing the compressor/clutch b/c the clutch is fried. The clutch is not sold separate from the compressor, it is one unit. Total job will be around $600. The part alone at local part store is $425. You can find the compressor cheaper on internet and get free shipping, but it is 107 outside and that won't work for us to wait any more. His cost on labor is nothing like it would have been at a dealership. That is my suggestion to you wbellis.

tedpre - Member

Hi Thank you for the video, I have also have a 2002 Odyssey LX model and my AC just suddenly don't work with the blower—only works on Auto temp and Full speed but not in manual mode. Also My compressor will only engage for couple of seconds then you have the same symptoms that I have. Appreciate your info.


ricardodoral - Member

Please check your in cabin filter. I had never changed mine and I had similar problems. Dealer said that I had to change the compressor and wanted to charge a pretty penny. I change. the filter and now cools a lot more. Check your in cabin filter before doing anything else.

DaneS - Member

Sounds similar to our problem- 2007 Odyssey AC intermittent cold air. Compressor is working and seems to be good charge of freon. Fan works too. While operating, the "cooling" seems to quit and warm air comes out. Doing nothing, no change in motor rpm, not touching the controls, etc., the AC will start working again on its own. Any suggestions, ideas? Very much appreciate.

Honda Odyssey 2001 EX AC not working (without navigation system)

My AC stop working suddenly. I checked Condenser fan, blower fan, Compressor clutch working but not getting cold air. Can any body give me advice/suggestion.


Snakeyes2754 - Member

Hi guys - My AC went out on my 2003 Odyssey yesterday. I read this thread and it is now working like new. I replaced the blower motor assembly and VOILA!

Thanks to everyone!

MilesDavis - Member

Thank You!

Was a pretty easy fix on my '04 Odyssey. The local Honda dealer wanted $115 for the part tho! Got the part from CarQuest Auto Parts, part #ECC 53-69692. Thank you so much everybody who has contributed. It would have been several hundred dollar otherwise! You all rule!

pfegan Member

Thanks soooo much!!!!

Replaced the transistor assemble and back in the "cool". Easy and saved me big money and the four day wait for the repair shop.