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You don’t always have a trivet when you need one, and sometimes you just have to put that hot pot down. When you do you could leave a mark on your countertop. What you do about it depends on what the counter’s made of. If it’s good old Formica, the Forum delivers the bad news.

Original Post: Burnt Countertop

cosasdelacasa Member

We have a burnt countertop. Have tried various cleaning products and even toothpaste. Obviously replacing would be the best method, but we are not ready. After looking at the photos what would you suggest? I don't know if it's wood, laminate, etc. I don't know anything about countertops.

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ray2047 Member

Looks like 50 year old Formica. I doubt there is a fix. The thin top layer has been discolored by heat. Not really a stain.

drooplug Member

Burned Formica cannot be repaired.

Gunguy45 Super Moderator

My father made the mistake of setting a hot pan on the counter. No way to repair it. He carefully cut out the right size section and attached a cutting board in that position. Luckily it was close to the sink so it functioned well and looked pretty good.

There's also the possibility of one of the countertop painting systems. The results have been reported as so-so in some cases and excellent in others. Worth checking out if you just can't stand to look at the burn. If it will only be a year or two ‘til you can afford a replacement, I'd live with it.

the_tow_guy Group Moderator

Ditto my Mom's countertop. She has a nice glass cutting board sitting over the burn mark.