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There are all kinds of plumbing mysteries behind the walls, and when your water doesn’t run it’s hard to know which is the culprit. Since you can’t peek inside your pipes, consult to Forum to find out what’s wrong in there. (Spoiler alert: you could wait for a thaw, or you could gently warm the pipe in question with a hair dryer.)

Original Post: Cold water does not flow to/out of shower/tub

435ftw Member

Hello. I found a few links to this forum when searching so am hoping this is the right place to ask the question.

This morning it was working. This evening the cold water does not flow from the shower or tub. We believe it's a Moen - probably original to the house. The hot water flows fine. When I turn on the cold water I hear no noise or pressure.

It has been below zero for the past 3 days here. All other cold water in the house works with no issues.

I have seen people posting pictures of the pressure valve - but am not sure from here where to look so am attaching a picture of what we have.

I'm happy to answer any questions to better help me work this out.


Hot Topics, Cold Water Problem

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lawrosa Super Moderator

Hello and welcome...

I would think it’s a frozen pipe issue... Do you have a crawl space? Are the water lines for that tub on an outside wall?

435ftw Member

Thanks for the welcome.

The pipes run in a crawl space, down to the garage which is below freezing right now (28) - then to the basement.

Pilot Dane Group Moderator

That faucet looks too old to have an anti-scald or balancing valve which unfortunately leaves the frozen pipe as most likely.

435ftw Member

Thanks very much. It's supposed to warm up today so I will leave it open a touch and hopefully it will start to trickle out. I will try to insulate the pipe in the garage if it is frozen to keep it from happening again?

435ftw Member

Pipes were frozen

Looks like with the thawing the water is coming back. Thanks for the insight. The pipes in my garage are now going to be insulated.

Thanks again for the quick responses and help!

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