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If there’s one topic that’s always hot on the forums, it’s plumbing. Everyone’s got a kitchen sink, and water dripping from the drain pipe is something many of us will eventually have to deal with. When one reader found a leak in his iron pipes, the forum talked him through the fix.

Original Post: Cast Iron Drain Leak

Wirepuller38 Member

I have a leaking 2-inch cast iron sink drain pipe which is leaking at a joint where 2 L’s are connected.

Is there a product to use as a temporary fix which I could apply to the outside of the joint to stop the leak? I plan to replace the pipes in the spring.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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lawrosa Group Moderator

I would get the quick setting JB Weld. It may hold so good you may not replace in the spring...LOL

Wirepuller38 Member

The JB Weld did not hold. I have temporarily plugged the leak with plumber’s putty. My plan is to remove the lower L and the remaining cast iron below it and replace with plastic.

The coupling at the bottom is attached to plastic which goes through the wall to the outside. I want to use a second coupling to attach plastic to the upper L and run plastic to the lower coupling. What are your comments? Which Fernco coupling do I need?

lawrosa Group Moderator

Leaking from the lead? If that L is same diameter or pipe then cut here. I would use a sawzall and cut as straight as possible. You may go through several blades, but it can be done. I have done it numerous times in close quarters.

leaking pipe

Wirepuller38 Member

Thanks for the advice. I would never have thought of that.

Repair Done.

Finished the job a few minutes ago. Used 2 saw blades(18 tpi). Found the Fernco couplings at Home Depot. Thanks again for the advice. The leak was due to thin pipe where the pipe went into the hub. Rusted through.

lawrosa Group Moderator

Good job.... Glad it worked out.

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