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Original Thread: Garage door remotes now opening both garage doors at the same time

KSU_dmp - Member

Garage door remotes now opening both garage doors at the same time

I hope someone can help me. I'm about to go crazy.

We just bought a new vehicle and I was ready to program the HomeLink buttons for my garage doors. Both of my other vehicles have HomeLink buttons and we've lost the original remotes. Since I need (according to the directions) to have a remote handy to program the HomeLink buttons, I purchased a Clicker KLIK1U Universal remote. My plan was to program it, use it to program the HomeLink buttons and then stash it away until I buy another car.

My garage door openers are old 1991-era LiftMasters. They are either model #41a3627 or #1155lm (the first number is found on the back of the unit near the gray "learn" button and the second number is found on the front of the unit under the light-cover).

I followed the directions on the Clicker to program the Universal remote and sure enough, it works. However, the button now controls both garage doors simultaneously. This is not cool. I push the button once, and both garage doors go up. I push the button again, and they both go down. Also, this process effectively erased the programming of the HomeLink buttons for both of my other vehicles and also my outside wireless keypad.

I've tried re-programming both, but no matter what I do, the universal remote opens both doors. In the meantime, I finally found one of the old remotes, and sure enough, it is now opening both garage doors.

Does anyone have any ideas?

figpickle - Member

Do your openers have dip switches? If so you need to make sure they aren't set the same on both openers. Changing the position of one switch will do it.

KSU_dmp - Thread Starter

They do not have dip switches. They just have a gray "learn" button.

Nashkat1 - Member

"They do not have dip switches."

Information online indicates that they may have dip switches. It is difficult to imagine how they could be kept separate otherwise.

Regardless, LiftMaster appears to offer a rich variety of support, including how to open or close your garage door with your smartphone.

Gunguy45 - Super Moderator

Yeah...I have to say....something doesn't jibe. LM seems to have changed to rolling code in '93...and I can't find anything about grey buttons.

I'd call LM or Chamberlain since they actually make the remote you bought as well.

If you only programmed it and pushed the learn button on one opener....then the odds of the other opener actually being on that code at that exact time would be billions to one.

EDIT Oops.....guess LM won't be much help if it's really that old. They will not provide any service support or parts for pre-93.

Does it have safety sensors? If so, unlikely it's really from 91.

KSU_dmp - Thread Starter

I will open it up tonight to look for a hidden dip switch, but there is nothing on the outside that is visible.

It does not have safety sensors.

Nashkat1 - Member

"Oops.....guess LM won't be much help if it's really that old. They will not provide any service support or parts for pre-93."

Oops... Missed that! Thanks for the catch, GunGuy.

Gunguy45 - Super Moderator

KSU. I couldn't even look up that model, though the 1155LM seems in line with their nomenclature.

They just cut off all references pre '93.

You might still be able to call and ask a simple question...but I'd guess you'd need to find a Level II tech...or whatever they call them. I had to do that for an old Genie...and the guy was an ex-factory tech who started working in the Support area.

GarageDoorTech - Member

This is what is happening. The grey button opener made remote programming easier by eliminating the dip switches on the opener. Essentially, the remotes had dip switches that could be set and then the grey learn button would be pressed to learn the selected code in the remote. The clicker you are using is teaching the same code to each opener.

Use the instructions for programming a Chamberlain 9 position dip switch model but select a unique 9 position code (on the dip switches in the remote).

Program to the first opener, then teach both cars the new signal.

Then, follow the same directions a second time, changing the dip switches to a new code, then program the second opener and teach the homelink.

Gunguy45 - Super Moderator

That sounds like a good explanation GDT, thanks for that....but if he's only pressing 1 learn button (which we don't know yet)...why would it affect the other?

And he found an old remote doing the same thing...what's up with that?

GarageDoorTech - Member

Remotes that program to a green, grey, or yellow button are fixed code. The older grey and yellow buttons simply deleted the dip switches so the user only had to set the remote and then press the button to quickly program. Later the green button shipped from the factory with a pre-set, one of kind code, eliminating the dip switches entirely (grey and yellow can only remember one code, green buttons can remember multiple codes).

If you press the learn button and teach the first opener, it will work fine. If you press the button on the second opener, and teach it with the same remote but don't change the code, you now taught both openers the same code.

He never mentioned changing the code, either on the clicker or the old remote. Also, these older grey and yellow button motors cannot be cleared by holding the button down. You can only remove the old code by programming in a new one.

KSU_dmp - Thread Starter

GarageDoorTech, thanks for the feedback. That sounds like it will work. I will try it out tonight and let you know. Thanks for taking the time.

KSU_dmp - Thread Starter


GarageDoorTech: thanks for your help. The issue is resolved. I changed the dip switches on the remote and was able to program both doors and all of my HomeLink buttons. I really appreciate the help!

John McCullough - Member

Same problem...

Hi... I found this thread after searching like crazy and pulling out hair. I have the same issue, both doors open. I'm using a Clicker 2-button, Model KLIK1U with 2 Liftmaster Model 1160s, one has a yellow smart/learn button and one has a gray smart/learn button. It doesn't matter what I set the DIP switches to on the Clicker remote, both doors open.

I don't even have to push the Learn button on either opener. I follow the directions that say to first press the program button on the clicker remote, then press the specific button to control a door a certain number of times. No matter what I do, when I get to the magic number of times, either 7 or 8 presses, both doors open.

I'm just not gettin' it... Any suggestions would be appreciated.

goldstar - Member

Have you tried following the instructions for the "smart learn" mode?

John McCullough - Member


Oh yes, multiple times. My neighbors have to think I'm crazy because of the number of times our doors have gone up and down. The Smart/learn button works perfectly, but BOTH doors open. I tried the random DIP switches idea mentioned in this thread too... both doors open.

goldstar - Member

Here is another thought. Press and hold the smart learn button on each opener until the LED light goes out. Should take about six seconds. This should erase codes in the opener's memories. Then start fresh, one door at a time.

PJmax - Group Moderator

Save wear and tear on the door while playing......pull the door release handle and leave it in the unlocked position.

John McCullough - Member

Woody, the model I have doesn't do that. I can hold it forever, the light never flashes or goes out. I've read that the older models don't erase the codes. I think that's the problem I'm trying to overcome. Thanks.

John McCullough - Member

PJmax... such a common sense thing to do, why didn't I think of that. Thanks!

John McCullough - Member


Anyone else have suggestions?

wschuckers - Member

Remote simultaneously opening two garage doors.

Had this problem with a Clicker Model KLIK1U and two Chamberlain openers with Smart/Learn buttons. Fixed it by resetting the codes on one opener, then unplugged the other opener while matching the remote to the opener with reset codes. Then unplugged that opener, plugged in the other opener, and matched the remote to it. Plugged the first opener back in and all was well.

r2d2robbie - Member

both doors open when I use Homelink

I have exactly the same problem with my Liftmaster. I have a purple learn button, so the unit is post-2005. I have two new cars and one remote. I have NO DIPSWITCHES IN remote or opener. I followed instructions and got the first to open its garage door.

Using the same remote, I did the same activation procedure on the second car, thinking the rolling code would select a different code for the second car. The first car's Homelink opens its door only. But the second car opens and closes both doors. I have reset the second and the first car a dozen times. Always, the same result.

r2d2robbie - Member

O.K. I just went into the garage and unplugged the car #1 opener. Then I cleared Car#2 and reset it to open the garage door. It opened it and so, I plugged car #1 opener back in. Now both cars open their respective door as they should. So, it worked as suggested. THANK YOU.

Nel_Med - Member

>>>> This is the Answer to your problem <<<<<

Big props to wschuckers—he had the answer!

I had the same problem with my two lift masters, I had bought my son a new car and needed to reset the HomeLink on my Lexus. I used to only want the one door programed but now I wanted both. No matter what I tried, it would program each button so that it opened and closed both doors.

WCCHUCKERS stated the solution, unplugging the garage door opener is the trick. First, unplug the first unit and program the Linksys. After resetting my Linksys (hold down buttons 1 and 3 until it blinks). I used only one remote to program both buttons. I pressed the desired HomeLink button and the correct button to the garage door opener. Once the HomeLink blinked, I removed the button. Hit the learn button on the garage door opener and hit the same HomeLink button until it gave me a steady light. now you have the one opener set.

Now do the same exact thing, (DONT RESET the HOMELINK AGAIN) for the other opener after unplugging the first one and plugging the second one in.

This should work! It worked for me...good luck!

goldstar - Member

Welcome to the forums.

As you may have noticed, this has been kicking around for almost four years.

It's still good advice for anyone with this problem.

Starmo1992 - Member

Finally fixed.

For anyone that is having the same issue, try this if you have the older remote with the dips.

Step 1 - Unplug one opener.

Step 2 - Open the remote and change a couple of dip switches.

Step 3 - (This is what finally worked for me) There should be two buttons inside the remote. One is the switch, one is a reset (Mine were yellow. The reset button is the one nearest the LED). Hold the opener button (your door will move so make sure you're hands are clear) then hold the reset button until the light flashes.

Step 3 - Hit the learn/sec one switch on the opener (I have a 555 overhead door).

Step 4 - Press the opener button on the remote then release. Keep doing this until the light on the opener flashes five times...pauses...turns on...then goes off. Now your remote is programmed to that opener.

Step 5 - If you're programming your car, do it now. Use the remote, no need to hit the learn switch on the opener again.

Step 6 - Repeat steps 1 - 6 with the 2nd opener.

Step 7 - Plug in both openers and you should be good to go.

After hours of screwing around and finally realizing the second button on the remote was a reset switch, this is what ended up working for me.