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It looks so easy when you see it on TV. Squirt out a bead of caulk. Run your finger down the bead. Perfect. In real life caulking can be a mess that gets all over your work, your hands, your clothes, your hair. How do you keep it only where you want it? The Forum sets it straight.

Original Post: Re-Caulk Trim Around Fireplace After Painting Wall

Frank Cabanski Member

I have to re-caulk all the trim around the fireplace. I've watched dozens of videos. The experts run a line of caulk, wet their finger, rub it along the caulk. Bingo - perfect caulk line.

I run a line of caulk, wet my finger, run it along the caulk. Splat - most of the caulk comes off on my finger, and excess gets all over the wall.

I'm using DAP Easy Caulk, which is pretty gooey when it comes out. Is the caulk the problem?


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chandler Forum Topic Moderator

The best way to apply caulk is sparingly, then use a small wet/damp sponge to wipe the excess from the wall and trim, leaving a very minimal line of caulking. You could use a better caulk with a caulk gun for more control than the tube gives you.

marksr Forum Topic Moderator

Practice is probably the main thing when it comes to applying caulk neatly. Hard to say how many thousands of tubes of caulk I've applied over the years but I can do a lot better job with a quality gun versus one of the cheap ones.

The neater the bead of caulk is applied the easier it is to dress it up. Like Larry, I usually use a damp sponge to wipe and press in the caulking. Having a bucket of water handy to rinse the sponge helps keep everything clean including your fingers.

btw - welcome to the forums Frank!

joecaption1 Member

I'd be using Alex 230 in a real caulking gun. You’re applying way too much caulk - only need enough to fill the gap.

Only make a small hole in the tip.

With a caulking gun you have more control over how much comes out by adjusting the amount of pressure you apply to the trigger.

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